The Prompt: The Beginning…

Drifting snow powdered the dark, desolate forest, smothering the silent earth like a polar bear’s coat. Bernard peered out of the window from his little stone hut, wondering if he would ever see his father’s familiar face again!


The full moon stared through the skeletal trees like a knowing eye. At that moment, he heard the rhythmic beating of wings. Scanning the skies, Bernard could just make out a scaly shadow. Was it the dragon?


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Coveritlive Session

Thanks to Cherise Duxbury‘s Class for working with us this afternoon. You can read there blog here.

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A Writing Challenge…

On Friday 5th July, DeputyMitchell and Pie Corbett are holding a day conference in Manchester. The theme of the conference is ‘Improving Reading and Writing through ICT

By 10:30am on Friday 5th July, Pie Corbett will have created a story opener with the help of delegates through a masterclass in shared writing. In a celebration of global collaboration, want to open up this story opener to writers across the globe. If you are a teacher and you are interested in using this story opening either on Friday, or at a later date, please fill out the simple form below. The prompt will be online on this blog by 11am on Friday morning. If you complete the form below, you will be sent a unique log in for your pupils, so that they can create their own blog post and continue the story. Some of your writing/blog posts will be featured during the conference.

This blog will document the whole conference from start to finish and will be kept up to date throughout the day.

This map show the location of classrooms that will be taking part in the writing challenge on Friday.

View Mitchell and Pie Look in a larger map
Locations have been made approximate deliberately.

Header picture from Oliver Quinlan‘s Live Blog.

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Friday 5th July 2013 J.A. 5MB St Leonards on Sea.

He put his thin coat on and peered at what was left of a trail of footprints. The decreped door opened with a creek; Bernard walked into the eerie, mysterious forest. Where had he gone?

A blanket of thick ice covered the frozen river, his sad face was very pale and his eyes filled with wet tears. Suddenly the ice cracked, a curious looking creature raced towards him; blood- stained teeth ready for his next victim. Bernard stood up and ran. When he could run no more he found himself trapped by a wall of thorns, prickly branches and dead, brown creepers. Then a small cottage caught his eye: a dagger was held to his throat.

He woke up in a dust infested prison, it was smelly and there were two men talking, dressed in tribal clothes with painted yellow lines across their faces. They were whispering in their language pretending I wasn’t there. Suddenly a heavy metal door opened, a man grabbed my wrist and dragged me into the forest, Bernard came across a man hiding up in the trees. “Da Da” shouted Bernard; the man clambered down the tree. Bernard “you’re safe” exclaimed his father.


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Friday 5th July C.R. 5KM St Leonards on Sea

‘I’ll be back soon.’ were the same words his father had said. But all who said that never returned.

Welcome to my world.

When my father went missing, I stared out of my window and sighed. I knew this would happen, but nobody ever listens to my predictions. The forest is home to a dangerous thing… the Flage Werewolf.

The Flage is a huge creature covered with fur; with eyeballs of flames that flicker at everything that is in its vicinity. My father leads search parties who save people from the Flage. Well, they try.

A hiss pierced the air. The Flage had come… I grabbed my provisions (a knife, an ice cube and food). I put out the fire, kicked down the door and legged it! The Flage smothered my hut in flames, instantly transforming it into ruins. I remembered what my father taught me; I did it now.

I grabbed the ice cube, stuck it on my knife and put it near the Flage’s eyes. It recoiled; howling to the night sky, leaving this part of the forest. I decided to rest in the rags that used to be my bed. The next morning, I left the clearing and entered the depths of the forest…

I looked back at the home that had given me much warmth and then looked forward to the journey ahead.

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Friday 5th July 2013 LE 5KM St Leonards on Sea

Bernard heard a rustling and scratching sound in a pit underneath a berry bush. After Bernard broke away from the staggered bush, he saw an injuredwolf cub howling in pain with an animal trap on its leg. The blood had already dried, but as soon as it shuffled, a large spurt of blood came gushing out like lava coming out of a volcano! Bernard wrapped warm, fury feathers around the freezing cub until it shivered no more.

A couple of weeks of caring for a feisty wold cub had gone by. Bernard walked home to find an adult wolf snifing the sleeping cub.

‘You have found my precious daughter, cared for her and therefore saved my daughter’s life!’

Bernard hesitated for a moment. ‘But… how can I understand you? I mean you’re a… a… wolf?’

The wolf slowly stepped toward him. Bernard backed up. ‘I won’t hurt you – trust me.’ said the wolf in a deep voice. ‘Come with me; I want to show you something in gratitude for saving my daughter…’

Bernard sprinted through the undergrowth in order to keep up with the wolf. They halted at the basin of a cave entrance. Suddenly, growls and snarls broke the silence. ‘We will teach you to hunt, survive in the forest and… find your father.’

Bernard followed the old Alpha wolves into the dark, gloomy cave…

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Writing for a purpose

Pie Corbett , a well known author, poet and literacy guru (expert) has been working with David Mitchell (founder of quadblogging, consultant for writing, blogging and computers) have made a special blog. They set a prompt for children across the country and world to continue.
You can find the prompt at and read some of the stories written by children from across the country.

We worked in groups to continue the story. Haven’t we been imaginative icon smile Writing for a purpose...



Yaga returns by Oakley, Sophie, Eleni, Callum and Scarlett.

Bernard’s dad, john, was sitting forlornly in the dragon’s damp, dark cave. The dragon was gone to hunt for the maroon ruby which he had a suspicion that Bernard had it. Bernard at the moment was anxious and scared if it was the dragon approaching him, so he held on tight to his mother’s ruby, Bernard did not know that it was magic! At the moment the dragon blew a gianormous breath of fire, leaving hot ashes lying on the crooked old hut, melting the icy cold snow. Nervously, Bernard hid under the table still clinging on to the glimmering ruby. when there came a crash outside. Bernard decided to investigate… john looked at his watch realising it was tea time, so he bravely stepped outside to catch some wild animals. John could see the terrifying dragon’s shadow in the distance so he decided to make his way back to the cave. The dragon wanted the ruby so he could realise her babies from under the cave. They had been trapped from a terrible curse that Baba Yaga had set…

A mean cackle filled the room as Baba Yaga staggered into the stone cave, “ha ha ha I’ve got you now” croaked Baba Yaga whilst tying poor John up. The thing is Baba Yaga did not realise that Bernard had the ruby. All of a sudden two out of five hundred dragons came, with no effort, flying over to the blood dripping cave. “WHERE HAVE YOU TWO BEEN?” yelled Baba Yaga as she walked towards Night-fury and Bloodsucker. Baba Yaga suddenly disappeared back into the deep dark cave before the magical dragons could answer.

Going back to Bernard in the stone hut, he stupidly decided to go out where danger was upon him. He opened the creaky, wooden door and to his surprise there stood a dragon, he had blood covered scales and black ink dipped wings. His face as sour as a lemon and his teeth as sharp as knives wanting to bite into kids flesh, but the dragon could not for he needed Bernard’s  help urgently!!! “Hello” stammered Bernard shifting his feet a little on the cold, hard floor. “I know this sounds strange but I need your help Bernard” Said Yurisa (the Dragon)

“What do you want Yurisa?” asked Bernard,

“Do you have the ruby?”

“What this?” said Bernard holding up his mother’s ruby,

“Yes, yes oh yes! Can I have it to break the curse that the evil Baba Yaga has set?” Pleaded Yurisa,

“Only if you free my father, John!”

“Of course my boys, whatever you say now hop on my back,” The Dragon, Yurisa, swooped down and Bernard leaped on Yurisa’s back, it was dry and scaly and Bernard began to relax, instantly. Yurisa flew to the land of Dragonar, were John was staring into the evil eyes of Baba Yaga.

“I’m here father I’ve come to free you” shouted Bernard to his hypnotised father. “No you will NOT” croaked Baba Yaga bearing her iron fangs. Bernard jumped off Yurisa and ran to his father. “Take this” Bernard said chucking back the Ruby to Yurisa, Yurisa caught it with her tail, placed it on the stone stand and out shot a spectrum of light so bright that it burnt Baba Yaga and opened the secret cave door where out hopped four baby dragons; Lola, Sarho, Tahina and Lassie, they all ran in joy to their mother Yurisa and clung on tight with their teeny arms. John was now free to escape from the cave, he took Bernard in his broad arms and carried him all the way home to the hut, lay him down in his soft bed and Bernard fell fast asleep dreaming of his adventure. Whilst Bernard was snoring away heavily, Yurisa flew back to Bernard’s homely hut with the sparkling maroon ruby hidden in Yurisa’s dagger like claws, gripping tightly with all her might. When Yurisa came to Bernard’s hut she threw the ruby into Bernard’s tired arms, “until we meet again” with that Yurisa flew off.






Here is another one of our stories:

Bernard and the Dragon By Samantha Ashley Dylan and Iona

‘‘Was it the dragon?’’ Bernard mumbled under his breath to himself again. Whilst Bernard was thinking to himself, he didn’t notice that the rhythmic beatings of wings were getting louder. It was not until when the dragon landed, Bernard noticed it. “Ha,

Ha, Ha!” the dragon cackled. “Dinner at my feet! Yum, Yum, Yum!”

“W-what do you want with me?” Replied the horrified Bernard.

“Well I will keep you prisoner and then eat you!” the dragon roared.

Suddenly there was a puff of smoke and the dragon turned into this old ugly lady and she was named Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga swooped down to ground level towards him.

(You’re probably wondering who Baba Yaga is? Well she is the most vile cannibal in the whole world! She will eat anyone or anything that will scent or in sight

of her eagle like eye’s).

Before Bernard could say anything, Baba Yaga had already turned into the dragon and got him by the legs.

A few days later, Bernard had only just awoken from his coma by hitting his head on a rock when the dragon was flying away. He could only just make out a blurred figure in a dark lonely corner in the prison. “Son!” the blurred figure mumbled under his breath.

“Dad, Dad is that you, answer me!” Bernard exclaimed.

“My time is up, I wish you never saw me at this moment of time, I don’t mean to hurt you’re feelings…” Fill, Bernard’s dad whimpered. Bernard new his dad was dead. Bernard cried himself to sleep as his dad was dead.

The next day Bernard woke up in prison with stinging eye’s from crying himself to sleep.

A few hours later, Bernard couldn’t stand it with Fill dead, so he screamed and screamed for Baba Yaga to fight and settle an agreement which was if he won he was free from prison and if he lost Baba Yaga would eat him! His bones for breakfast, his brains for lunch, his flesh for supper and his guts for snacks. And last of all for drink his bright red gleaming blood.

“The fight will begin!” said one of the soldiers.

Baba Yaga got two swords one for her and one for Bernard. The fight went on for four days no food or water just snow that melts in you’re mouth as quick as a flash of lightning.

After four days it was 50’c and the snow started melting really quickly and the only bit of snow was red because Baba Yaga was bleeding but she was a witch so she had a healing spell to cure her, Bernard was so distracted by the spell, Baba Yaga

stabbed Bernard and he was dead. “At last my victory! I will now eat you!” Baba Yaga cackled.

It was 12pm and Baba Yaga was very sleepy from 4 days of fighting non stop not even to sleep so Baba Yaga lay down in the snow and snored all after noon and all night long.

The next day Baba Yaga went to eat Bernard’s bones. She ate bones for breakfast each day and cut the brain into millions of pieces, but she was still starving so she had some guts. Whilst she waited for lunch she went to dig up Fill incase of an emergency.


And another icon smile Writing for a purpose...


Dads are Dragons By Jessamy, Archie, Mathew, Isaac and Emily.  


The alarming sound of beating wings reminded Bernard of his young fathers heart beat when he read Bernard a story before he went to his cosy bed. When Bernard thought of his long lost father, a disheartening tear  ran down his smooth cheek. Bernard felt a stab of heart braking shock wriggle up his spine. The thought of loosing his father for ever was too much for Bernard. Loosing his mother then his father in one year was the worst thought he had ever thought in his sad life. He trembled in shock when he heard the ghastly creature outside, banging on the warn wooden door.

Bernard thought about being a brave knight ready to fiercely fight the gruesome creature, but no, he was still a young terrified child needing a hug from his long lost father.

“Dear child, please don’t be afraid! I am your farther!” A rough voice boomed. It sounded like him but Bernard was not too sure.

“If you are my father…do you know my name?” Bernard replied.

“Your Bernard, my son, Bernard Torsell. Your mother got killed this year by Baba Yaga!” Bernard was shocked. “Baba Yaga caught me snooping in her cave and said, Boom Bang Bong you will be a dragon and for ever you will stay! You will never see your family again! HAHA!” Bernard knew that it was his dad and had a new idea!

“I know that’s you father and I know how you will be a wonderful,

tremendous dad once again!” Bernard bravely went outside to face his father in his new form. There was a red and golden scaled dragon sitting patiently on the door step.

“Sit on my back, where do you want to go?” Bernard’s father questioned.

“ To Liam’s house!” Bernard screeched. “Hugree?” The dragon  asked, but instead of  ,hu, it tumed    into  a growl . Any  way  the  young  dragon  flew for  miles  and  finally  reached Liam’s house . A  wizard  barged  out  of  the door…”Welcome ,  welcome  , in  a spell needed  today?” Began  the  wizard who’s  name was David, Liam’s father. Bernard spoke for his farther and said “ We will have a spell that turns dragons back to their original self please!” David marched inside and Bernard, his farther and the world waited.

Finally the spell was ready!

“Zip Zap Zoo, true undo!!!” In a blink of an eye the dragon was the familiar farther Bernard had always known!

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5th July 2013 M.C. 5 MB St Leonards on Sea

My Pact.

Bernard felt a sudden shiver down his spine remembering how his father was so proud of his rather timid son. Bernard had forever wondered what lies within the dark, gloomy, evil forest.

He grabbed all of his worldly belongings and stuffed them into his small satchel and set out into the night in his rag like nightshirt.

He clumped along in his clumsy, battered, black boots. He hugged himself (it was extremely cold.) He cried out in frustration, his father was not there. “Father” he cried out one last time before…

There he was face-to-face with the evil forest. Without thinking he stepped into the forest. He found a yellow brick road.

He met a man who wanted to know all sorts of things about him, “this is no place for a young lad like you. Go far,far, away from here.” Leave the forest behind you thought Bernard. Why, why leave the plain , normal forest.

He wondered around for a petite amout of time until he was back in the stone hut again, with his father.

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5th July 2013 G.D. 5MB St Leonards on Sea

Bernard waited and waited but his father never came. Had his father left him? Had he just pretended to go hunting and abandoned him? After a few minutes he decided to go and look for his father. He tried to wrap up warm but all he had was a small jacket and a hat with a hole in it.Slowly he opened the old wooden door; The wind howled like a wolf in the night sky.

Bernard slowly wandered into the woods, suddenly he slipped! He got up and looked around. He was lost. Now he wished he had stayed in the hut. The sky was getting darker and darker now and Bernard started to worry. He could get eaten alive or easily frozen to death, but slowly he trudged on.

He looked into the distance and thought he saw a village, however it was just some trees. He curled up by a tree and went to sleep. When he woke up, he found he was back inside the little stone hut. His father said that he luckily found him and brought him back to the little hut.


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5th July 2013 S.J. 5MB St Leonards on Sea

Suddenly a face peered into Bernard’s little stone hut, “father” he whispered, is that you?” Then he felf stupid, he realised that it was a girl and that she could hear every word he said because the window was open. He blushed a bright scarlett, clearly embarressed.

The girl was small and slight. She had such a pale face that as soon as you had met her you would think that she was dangerously ill. She had long, straight, black hair that trailed past her waist.

She wore illuminated pink trousers, a purple woolly jumper and little red boots. She had no coat so she shivered and her teeth chattered together like a monkey.

“Hello” Bernard said

“H-I” the girl replied between chatters.

“Would you like to come in?” Bernard questioned. The girl nodded, Bernard rushed over to the door, struggled with the lock and let her in.

After a mug of steaming hot chocolate and a few biscuits each they were both warmed to the core. “What is your name ?” the girl asked.

“Bernard” he said “yours?” The girl wouldn’t reply…


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5th July 2013 A.M.M 5MB St Leonards on Sea

Suddenly a flash of light peirced his eyes and he dramatically fell back onto his pint-size bed and laid there wondering what his eyes had experienced…

In the morning the smell of sinister smoke woke him up, so he opened his rusty, ancient door only to see a massive, heart-stopping fire raging across his beloved fields.

Out of the darkness a ghostly figure on a horse galloped towards the frightened child, the figure wore a tightly-buckled belt, a sharp hat and a musketeer’s uniform. Strongly it said “your father is dead” the young boy bravely held back sorrowful tears filling his eyes.

When the grey smoke cleared there was a female standing obediently next to the hazel horse ” hello” she whispered…


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5th July 2013 S.G. 5MB St Leonards on Sea

Bernard hunched his back, trying not to break the dusty, glass bottles that were standing upright on the oak wooden floor. He could still inmagine the surroundings outside, the grey, dark sky, the silver, shimmering poolof frozen, crisp water and the tray of tiny particles of stones.

Bernard just had to go out and find his dad. Somewhere, in the depths of the deserted forest lay Bernard’s father wondering if his young boy was still alive. He began his quest: he packed his bag with a handfull of items he had obtained on his previous hikes, such as tools and medicines.  Then at that moment Bernard threw himself out of the rusty, unstable door.

And that’s how Bernards grand adventure began…

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5th July 2013 E.M. 5MB St Leonards on Sea

He looked down at the icy carpet of snow and touched it. It was fresh and he quivered at the feel of it, it felt so alive, so real. Bernard looked up at the memory on his bed, the photo of his dad. Slowly, stumbling he walked to the bed and remembered.

Bernard was only 11years old when dad had said he was off to catch some fish, he had stroked his pale forhead, with his thick, leather gloves and said he would be back in 30 minutes. Bernard waited 30 minutes, then 1 hour, no dad! Now he is 13 and is still waiting for the warm smile and the neat caramel freckles placed in the perfect places and for the welcoming knock on the wooden plank that holds the door in place.

Then he awoke and slumped back in his rocking chair. slowly, small beads of water slipped down his damp cheeks like children racing down a slide. Tomorrow he would catch a fish, tomorrow he would find him.


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Southwater Lemon Class

Yes it was a dragon. But what type was it? It was a beautiful Snow Dragon; it could blow fire as well. It had claws as sharp as daggers. Bernard had never seen such a tremendous thing in all of his life. The dragon had red scales and blew thick flickering fire that melted the snow. Interestingly, it was silver, bronze and gold. The Snow Dragon was called Snowy. It flapped its wings over the house and shot a golden bean down to the house. It burnt down the house like hot sizzling boiling eggs. But he dropped the bean by accident. The snow dragon took Bernard to his cave and raised him like it was his own son. And he had his own baby dragons. But then a mean fire dragon came into the cave. The ashes from the stone hut travelled on the wind and into distance. The snow dragon knew there was danger so she gently flew away. But when the Snow dragon flew away peacefully the fire dragon secretly followed him. The snow dragon laid onto a safe place. The ice dragon stuck his daggers into the snow dragon. Before they landed, they had a great fierce battle then the snow dragon turned around and killed the fire dragon with his freezing cold ice.  


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Bernard and the Dragon

Bernard: Look mum (yelling with excitement)

Mrs Bagum (Bernard’s mum):What Bernard? (sighed)

Bernard: There’s a Dragon in the sky.

Mrs Bagum: Don’t be silly Bernard, there’s no such thing as dragons.

Narrator:The dragon lands on the ground with a great big THUD!

Mrs Bagum: What was that?

Narrator: Bernard and mum look outside, their mouths wide open.

Bernard: I told you there was a dragon outside.

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Bernard and the dragon

by Gabriele

Mum: There’s some thing up the sky.

Bernard: There is nothing up the sky but clouds and birds. Oh my, there is something up the sky, like a big hairy dragon.

Mum:What should we do?

Narrator:mum does not know what to do and so they try to figure out what to do.

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Bernard and the dragon

Bernard:(YELLING IN SHOCK) Mum theres a dragon.

Mrs Begum (Bernard’s mum):Where is it?

Bernard:(curiously)It was just there a minute ago.

Narrator: The enormous dragon hid behind the house.

Mrs Begum:(mischievously) Stop being silly anyway dragons don`t exist.

Narrator: Mum went up stairs and Bernard went outside.

Bernard:(nervously) Where are you?

Narrator:Bernard felt the earth move a bit. He went to the back garden and saw a fierce dragon lying on the floor.

Bernard:(shouting)mum mum! Theres a dragon come, come see!

Mrs Begum: (embarrassed)Wow you were right. We`ll just leave it because no one will ever be able to believe us.

By Adeeb

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Bernard and the dragon


Bernard: What is that?

Gemma: describe it to me.

Bernard: But i  can’t.

Gemma: Why not?

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Bernard and the dragon

by Venuja 4b

Bernard: What the….? [mouth opened wide]

Anna[Bernard’s sister]: What are you looking at?

Bernard: There’s a dragon in the sky![ exclaims loudly]

Anna: Don’t be silly![shouts without beleiving]

Bernard:The dragon is going to crash into our home![feeling very scared]

Narrator: The dragon landed with an enormous bang in front of the house.[BOOM]

Bernard:Let’s go outside to see what has happened![very enthusiastic and excited]

Narrator: They go outside and see a dragon lying infront of them. [heavy breathing from the dragon]

Bernard:Is it dead?

Anna: I don’t know.[thinking with a confused look]

Mrs. Jenny[Bernard’s mum] What is that?

Bernard: It is a dragon.[speaking with confidence]

Anna: We want to know if it is dead.

Mrs. Jenny: Well I can help with that, since I am a doctor.

Narrator: Bernard’s mum is checking if the dragon is dead.

Mrs.Jenny: The dragon is not dead.

Bernard: Few![sighs with relief]

Narrator: They took the dragon to somewhere it can sleep peacefully. They kept on caring for him until he started to wake up.

Bernard:Well bye, bye[in a soft sobbing voice]

Narrator: the dragon flew away.


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Bernard and the scary Dragon


Mrs Brown:What is the matter?

Bernard:I think I see a dragon.

Mrs Brown:Where?

Bernard:Outside the window.

Mrs Brown:Don’t be silly! You are just joking!

Bernard:No! There is really a dragon.

Mrs Brown: Ok I’m coming.

Narrator: Mrs Brown comes running to the window.

Mrs Brown:Where is it?

Bernard: Here!

Mrs Brown:Oh my god!

Narrator: The enormous dragon lands in front of the house.

Bernard: See I told you I saw a dragon!

Mrs Brown: OK! now shoosh! I hear something.

Bernard:What is it? Obviously it’s the dragon!

Mrs Brown: oh! no!


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Bernard and the mighty dragon

by Fanyl

Bernard :I’m bored!

Mrs Bagum (Bernard ‘s mum):Why don’t you look around , like the window .


Narrator :Bernard went to the window.

Bernard :WOW! What is that in the dark blue sky mum ?

Mrs Bagum : I don’t know. Maybe you should keep looking .

Bernard :Okay!It is  really cool. Wonder what might it be .

Mrs Bagum : Right now it is dinner time.

Narrator: Bernard ate his dinner quickly, to see if the dragon was still there .

Bernard :Can I look at it after ?

Mrs Bagum :Yes dear, but only if you stay out of trouble , okay dear?

Bernard : Yes.

Narrator: Bernard ran to the front yard and shouted  to the dragon as loud as he could.

Barnard : Come.

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Bernard and the dragon


Bernard: What the….?

Mrs Bagame: What are you looking at?

Bernard: I’m looking at the most fierce, dangerous dragon in whole world!!!

Mrs Bagame:What the hell!

Bernard:Oh no!

Mrs Bagame:What?

Bernard: Your face is on fire.

Mrs Bagame :Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!!!

Narrator: While Mrs Bagame cools her face down, the dragon felt tired so he fell into the back garden.

Bernard: Mrs Bagame, now you believe me?


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Bernard and the crazy dragon

by Olawale

Bernard:Mum there’s somethig in the sky.

Mrs Begaum:What is it?

Bernard:A dragon!

dragon: Roar

Narrator:Mrs Begaum faints and falls on the ground.




























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Bernard and the black dragon

By Ousmane

Bernard: What’s that?

[Bernard’s brother]Arzim: What’s wrong?

Bernard: There’s something falling from the sky

Arzim: Let me see.

Bernard: I think it’s a dragon.

Arzim: I think so too.

Bernard: Let’s go check it out.

Arzim: Ok.

Narrator: They dashed out with their spears to the crash site.

Bernard: WOW it’s gigantic.

Arzim: Like the moon.

Narrator: Suddenly the black dragon woke up with mighty roar.

Bernard: Run! Arzim! Run!

Narrator: So when they got home they promised to never walk near a dragon again.

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Bernard and the dragon

Bernard:Look, there is something in the sky.

Mrs Begum: It looks like it has wings.

Bernard: It looks like its a dragon.

Narrator: The dragon softly landed on the ground.

Dragon: Hello there, I need help I, am lost.

Bernard: You can talk!?

Dragon: Yes, why are you so shocked?

Bernard: Come in.

Dragon: Sorry but I cant enter inside that little door.

Mrs Begum: We can’t let him stay here.







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The dragon


Bernard: Look there, is it a dragon (he spoke as the wind brushed against him)

Mrs Begum (Bernard’s Mum):Look carefully (they all widened their eyes as big as they can)

Narrator: Bernard looked carefully as his mum told him

Jacob (Bernards little brother): I think it’s a dr… dragon!!!(in a frightened voice)

Narrator: They all looked closely even their mother, they all thought it was a DRAGON!!!                                   

(Instrumental music……Dum dum dumm)

Bernard:I wish father was here ( very unhappy voice)

Jacob: M…M…Meee to (trying to talk properly even though his tooth fell out)

Mrs Begum: Don’t worry he is coming home soon (trying to convince herself that he’ll eventually come home) (she also sighed)

Narrator: They all had worried faces espiacially little Jacob.

Bernard: Look the Dragon is getting bigger (in a worried voice)

Narrator: They all turned towards the dragon. CRASH!  The dragon landed.

Jacob: I want to touch it mummy ( in a really keen to touch it voice)

Mrs Begum: No, the dragon is way way more bigger, stronger and scarier. He might hurt you ( trying her hardest to convince her son not to touch the dragon)

Bernard: Pretty please (in a pleading voice)

Jacob:Pretty please (in a pleading voice)

Mrs Begum: NO! (yelling the loudest she could ever yell)

Narrator: The boys didn’t hear and ran off to feel it and felt the dragon.


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Bernard and the dragon

Bernard:What is that?(whispering with a confused face)

Ellie (Bernard’s sister):What are you looking at?

Bernard:It has huge wings and it’s flying across the sky.

Ellie: Are you sure?

Bernard: I think it’s a ……….DRAGON coming towards us.

Narrator:The dragon roars and lands on the concrete ground like the rain falling from the blue sky.

Bernard:Should we go see why it’s here?

Ellie:I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Bernard: Please.

Ellie:Ok but I’m warning you, he or she is going to do something to us.

Narrator:They both take a step outside into the white fluffy snow.

Dragon: My name is Spiky.


Ellie:Am I in a dream?

Dragon:I am your father’s pet.

Bernard:Where is my father?

Ellie:We miss our father very much.

Dragon:Do you want me to take you to your father?

Bernard:Yes please.

Dragon:Then jump on me and lets fly.

Narrator:Ellie and Bernard jump on him and the dragon flies swiftly to their father.

Ellie:Have we arrived yet to our father?



Narrator: They landed on the ground and they saw their father and they hugged him a lot. Then they went to their home together.

By Eliza





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What’s on the wall

by Omar

Bernard:  Whats on the wall? It looks like a dragon.

Mrs Begham: What are you looking at?


Mrs Begham: I don’t believe you.

Bernard: Ok then. Look for yourself

Mrs Begham: Oh yes, there is a dragon on the wall.

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Bernard and the dangerous dragon

Bernard:what the…?(loudly)

Mrs Begum (Bernard’s mum): what are you looking at?(happily)

Bernard: I just saw a dragon!(scared)

Milly (Bernard’s sister): What did you just say!?(sadly)

Mrs Begum: He said he saw a dragon(confidently)

Milly: We’re gonna die!(frightened)

Narrator: Bernard, Milly and Mrs Begum go outside to see the dragon on the ground.

Milly:Is it dead?(happily)

Mrs Begum: Looks like it dear(sadly)

Milly:I’m going bed bye(happily)

Bernard: Me too bye(happily)

Mrs begum: Me three bye(happily)

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Bernard and the super dragon

Bernard:(saying aloud) What the…..?

Mum:(kindly) What are looking at dear?

Bernard:(mumbling) Er,ha,mmm, the snow.

Mum:(pleading) Oh, can I look.

Bernard:(growling lowly) First make dinner.

Narrator: So Mum goes to make dinner.

Bernard:(talking to himself)that will keep her busy.

Narrator: All of a sudden a crash, bang, wallop sound was heard and smoke was high in the sky. Fire tore and melted the cotton snow.

Mum:(teeth chattering) Wwwwwhhhhhaatt wwwaaasssss ttttthhhaaaattttt?


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Dragons H.B

Was it the dragon? Yes it was the dragon, it was big with red scaley skin. It was in a dark, misty and damp cave. Bernard saw the dragon, and it was sleeping. Then Bernard threw a rock at the dragon to try and wake the dragon up.Then the dragon flew out of the dark and misty cave. With curiousity Bernard followed the dragon. The dragon flew into a abandoned, damp, creepy and  dark castle. Bernard found his father chained up with a gruop of dragons guarding him. As soon as Bernard got the idea of getting his father out of there, suddenly when he climbed up the hill to get to his father Bernard seen his fathers Eyes rolling down the hill. Then Bernard gets angry and he finds his fathers body at the top of the hill. Bernard finds a knife in  his jacket and has the idea to go kill the dragon. Then he get to the top of the tower. Then he found the dragon and started slaying the dragon with his knife. The dragon started to fall to the groun, but then he saw another person standing on the other side of the tower. It was his dad! At this point Bernard felt remorse about killing the dragon because it actually saved his father from getting pummeled from a knife. Then his father got angry. He started to chase Bernard because he got cold hearted about it. His father stabbed him once and Bernard fell to the groud. He died! But then Bernard got up and Pummeled his father until he Fell to the ground and died!

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Was it the dragon?As he moved through the howling trees a giant out line of some kind of  strange creature appeared. It was  the beastly dragon! As the giant,  bright,yellow eyes stared upon Bernard a sudden heart beat drummed his chest. His heart was pounding  faster and faster as the  dragon moves closer.A creepy, long tail swept back and forward as the ground shock the hard ground.His evil look upon his mysterious body on the huge dragonas the dragon crept but could bee seen he went for ATTACK  . Bernard was swept up by the the scary dragon As the dragon spoke it gave bernard a huge shock “who are you and I  am going to eat you” As Bernard slippped through the dragons huge bright claws the boy gave a loud “ouch!” as the nail caught the side of his leg.The blood poured then ran  down  his dirty  leg .The dragon got up and chased  Bernard and then the dragon screeched at him that  reminded him of his dad befor he walked out. It was the way he shouted at him.In a soft whisper Bernard said “what is you’r name sir”? the dragon appears to say”my name is Jeffrey” as Bernard rememberd that his dads name was Jeffrey. And his dad walked out as a young child and had’nt seen him in a while as the dragon started to put Bernard down he started to cry as Bernard told him the story of his dad walking out. He started to walk home and saw someone sitting in the rocking chair by the fire and there was his dad sitting there some people believe that he was the dragon who transfomed in to his dad.

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Dragon – S.J

Was it the dragon? He wasn’t  sure, but he wanted to find out. He crept towards the door,taking smaller steps, one at a time. Then he got to the door putting  his shaking hand on the  handle and turnd it slightly. Slowly, he opened the door. Then,he was sure it was the dragon so he stepped outside, nearly shivering  to death. With a spring  shock the dragon swooped down,nearly taking his head off. Then the dragon swooped back nearly taking his head off again and it landed in front of him. Then Bernard said “Please don’t eat me.Please please I’ll do anything .Please I’m begging you. And with a shock the dragon spoke back “Don’t worry I’m not going to eat you.” “What?” said  Bernard.”Im here to take you to your father “, said the dragon .

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The evil, blood red eyes of a mythical creature was creeping through the wind at the speed of light.As Bernard looked out of the window he saw it…the dark, faced scary beast appeared. The foul stink of rotten eggs and sardines came out of its mouth.The Beast was hungry, Bernard went over to his chest of fish, grabbed a few fish and chucked a couple at the Dragon, the dragon ate them all whole. The Beast was no longer a beast, he turned happy, Surprisingly the dragon spoke english. ‘Hello’ said the dragon.’Thanks for feeding me, I was getting hungry and when I get hungry, I get angry, i was so angry that I swooped down to one of the cabins in this village and took someone!’

‘Wait a second’ said Bernard,’Can you describe that person for me’ ‘Well… Ok, he had brown hair, he was very tall,blue eyes, a moustache and he was wearing eskamo gear’. ‘That’s my Dad!’ shouted Bernard. ‘Ok,Ok,Ok I’ll go and get him now!’ The dragon left. When he came back Bernard jumped out of his skins. His Dad walked through the door of his cabin. ‘Dad’ shouted Bernard. ‘Sorry for any inconvienience caused by me, Well anyway I have to go now so goodbye’ said the dragon. And as soon Bernard and his Dad saw the dragon disappear they went to bed.

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Bernard and the Dragon

By Arnas

Bernard:What is that?

Narrator: Mum came over and aksed what was wrong?

Mum: What are you looking at?

Bernard:I think I saw a dragon.



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The Dragon Hunter

It was … it was the only dragon Bernard had never hunted!                                               Remembering the time his father was badly injured by the beast, he ran to his hut and got his strongest  weapon – the rifle that his father had given him. He ran out and fired the gun.

“Get out of here you filthy beast! You’re dead next time, I’ll make new weapons just for you!”

Bernard saw the black dragon’s green eyes glare at him, but then he flew away. Bernard went to his hut and got to work on making his new weapon. It was a 50 Caliber Revolver. He couldn’t wait to get revenge on the dragon: Flames. Everyone feared it.

The weapon was complete. At that very moment he heard the wings. Bernard loaded his gun and ran out of the door, shouting a battle cry. He fired and fired until Flames fell to the floor. Everyone cheered for joy.

“This was for you father,” said Bernard to himself  “this was for you.”

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The Lost Dragon

It couldn’t be, the dragons dead! How can he be alive? Nothing could suvive that storm.

As the gigantic dragon glided through the air Bernard called:

“Here Boy!”

The dragon swooped down. Bernard jumped on its scaly back then shot like a bullet just passed through the barrel. As Bernard peered through his riding goggles he saw the mountain in the distance.

Then something caught his eye –  it was his dad!

“Thank you dragon friend. If  I didn’t have you my dad would have died. THANK YOU.”


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Bernard was terrified. He found himself looking deep into a pair of glowing red eyes. The boy realised it was a green tailed fire breather. Suddenly there were dancing flames circling the forest. Grey clouds rose up high. Roars as loud as lions shattered the silence. Ashes catapulted towards his skin. There was no escape – the hut was surrounded and Bernard would die.

In the morning there was nothing but a ruin, no dragon. A skeleton of smoke was still burning away as the Police nosed around but couldn’t find a single clue. They eventually decided that Bernard must have  left the stove on. But they never knew what happened that night, no one did and never would.

Tim (Bernard’s dad) came back at 5:00 pm that day to find only the skeleton of his son covered in ashes.Tears burned his pale skin as they ran down his face.The police left as dusk fell and the moon rose. Tim reached for a dagger in his pocket, he whispered to the skeleton ‘I’ll be with you soon’ then pressed the knife to his heart. Blood streamed out then he fell dead to the floor.

A week later the body was found drenched in blood next to the dagger. A funeral was held. As tears were shed cousins sobbed and neighbours moaned. They may have been miserable but two ghosts looked down on them beaming like sun rays up in the sky.


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The Dragon Adventure

So then, Ben and Bernard carried on with the adventure to find the mighty, red dragon. After ten minutes they were fed up!

“I  want  to go home!” Bernard complained.

Ben, the frustrated man said to whiny Bernard: “Why?Why? Why? Why did it have to be me ?”

Then Ben fell into a big, dark hole in the ground. It looked like a huge footprint. The first idea that went through Bernard’s head was that it was the dragon’s footsteps.

Then, Ben heard a big thump coming behind him. Bernard looked like he had just seen a ghost. Ben asked “What is the matter Bernard?”

“IT’S a dragon!” Then Bernard screamed as the dragon  came beside him rubbing his head on him! Then coming down the dragons neck was Bernard’s dad. He had a long beard, and he smelt like a sour lemon! However Bernard was very pleased that he saw his own dad again!

They lived happily ever after.

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The Curse Of The Dragon

Bernard feared this dreaded monster! He was full of excruciating pain because of that dragon as his beloved Father was killed by the empire of all dragons. What was he going to do? He longed to be with his family but he knew  that they were not where he had left them. Guilt rose across his flattened body as he knew it was his own fault that he had left himself on the stranded Island of Rasia, to kill the terrifying master of the dragon.
What was it that he longed to see? His family? Was it guilt or starvation? Bernard thought it was some of both.

Bernard could now see the shapeless figure flying around above his tiny hut that was perched on a rapid, white cliff. It was literally on the edge of a falling bundle of rock. Bernard could smell the potent stench that rose from the ashamed looking, mighty dragon.

No one had ever beaten the griffin. But Bernard was beleving in himself to kill the horrid, man-eating dragon. Bernard wanted pay back for what had happened to his father and he was not going to give the dragon a chance to kill him too. Bernard had loads of courage to throw himself towards the mighty dragon just like what he was about to do. He had never been in a fight before so Bernard was a little bit frightened about the adventure that he was about to start.

Bernard felt a tingle of adrenaline pump through his seventeen year old body. Bernard knew he only had a 50% chance of winning because the Dragon had fire and Bernard only had one bow and five arrows. Bernard was not going to give up. Half way though the fight  Bernard had a knot of doubt in his stomach.Was he going to win? Lets just hope he does!



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The Green Dragon

He looked and he looked again. Big, green wings swooped above him. Then he saw a little figure in the dragon`s claws.

“Dad! Dad!”  he cried.” Is it you?”  But the man in the dragon`s claws looked a lot bigger than his dad. That night his dad didn’t come back home. The next day he looked for his dad but there was no luck.Later that day he made up his mind that he was going to fight the dragon.

He got the sword his dad had made it for himself and went to find  his dad. Stomp, his boots went in the snow. Then he came to a big cave – it was as big as a mountain. He went in to the cave but he couldn’t   see anything. Then suddenly he bumped into something  – it was a gianormous big green thing. It opened one eye. Then  Barnard ran  like he had  never run before but it wasn’t good enough. Snap!!! He had been eaten then . . . he heard something  “Bernard  wake up you must have had a bad dream.”

“Dad! Dad you’re fine! You’re fine!”

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What Happened That Night?

It couldn’t be! The dragons dead! Bernard felt a rush of fear run through his body. He saw it with his own eyes. A scaly, piercing… snake!

The muscles in Bernard’s body relaxed. He felt like the steam in his figure had been cooled off with ice. Bernard thought. He thought again. Suddenly, without hestitation, he sped to the table and picked up his father’s map. It had aboriginal doodles and many greek words on it. But Bernard could make out the words hidden underneath. Words like: North, East, South, West. Death, dragon and many more.

He scribbled for what seemed like days! Hours of scribbling and doodling, keeping up his pace. Then he picked up his map and sped out the door. He sprinted all the way to the cave. The thing he wanted to see wasn’t there!

A pair of crystal green eyes peered into his ocean blue ones. They stared, and glared, and oggled. Neither of them moved a muscle, as if they were the only two people in the world! Bernard wanted to see his father, all happy with his jolly smile. Instead, he saw the scaly dragon, all fierce and angry.

Bernard wanted to run. He dreaded going out of the hut into the snowy landscape. Slightly turning his head, a pile of bones were scattered all over the grey, cool rock. The dragon had killed his father. The man who raised him, fed him, and sang to him when he was scared. That man is dead!

He never saw the sharp, pearl, teeth plunging into his body. He never saw the blood dripping from the dragons teeth. He simply fell into a deep, calm sleep.




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The Adventure With A Dragon

Bernard sneaked outside to find himself face to face with the dragon! He could not believe his eyes, a real dragon stood up straight and bold in front of him. Bernard soon  realised that he had seen that dragon’s face before but he had forgotten where.

“Fearless, is that you?” Bernard asked with a puzzled look on his face. The dragon nodded his head with a very toothy smile.  “Have you seen my father by any chance?” The dragon shook his while his head was down low.” We need to go and look for him or I might never see him again .” So they set off on their magical journey.

While Bernard and Fearless flew above the clouds they passsed many well known landmarks such as Big Ben and the London Eye. ” We need to find my dad and fast Fearless!” They landed on the ground and started to wander around the streets of London. ” Where is my dad? He has got to be here.”

One hour later, they were still looking  for Bernard’s dad when Bernard saw a person just like his father. ” Is that you father?”

“Bernard, is that you?” asked the man who Bernard thought was his dad. The shadowy figure came out of the dark alley like a predator. Bernard quickly realised that it was his dad.” What are you doing here? You are meant to be home with your mother?”

” But I want to be with you , not mother.” cried Bernard

“Go back to your mother she is the reason why I left.”

“But . . . ”

” No buts young man, go now, I never want to see you here again!” screamed Bernard’s father.

So they flew back to the forest and never went back to London ever again!

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Look out!

Bernard tiptoed down the hallway, towards the door. As the window of the door clouded up, Bernard thought over his choices.

What can I do? I mean, that could be the dragon, the one who is holding my dad hostage. I must go out there. If I don’t, I am a coward. Then how will I ever see my father again?

As he pulled open the door, a cluster of snow hares scampered into the hut. One came face to face with Bernard and said, “Bernard, Big Mighty is back. He’s back Bernard and he wants you. Don’t go out there Bernard!

“What does he want, Amy? Has he got my father? Amy!

But Amy was already gone. Suddenly, a huge gust of wind flew in through the open door. Bernard wandered out into the darkness, terrified of the thought of Big Mighty and his army that lay beyond him.

Here we go again. Big Mighty has come for me. I bet he only wants me because then he can kill me so my father will never escape from captivity.

Bernard looked up. To his astonishment, on the back of Big  Mighty sat… his best friend, Charlie. “Charlie”, Bernard shouted up at the silhouette,”What are you doing here? Are you the one who’s come to kill me?”

“No, I have come to help you”, mocked Charlie sarcastically,”Seriously Bernie, you are dumb sometimes. I have come to wipe you out of existence and then, as me and Mighty here planned, we will kill your father too. Like that idea? Well thought through, isn’t it? I like that…”

But before Charlie could finish his sentence, Bernard had drawn his sword and lashed out at Big Mighty’s leg.  The dragon started to tumble backwards, taking Charlie with him. To Charlie’s surprise- and Bernard’s as well- Big Mighty regained his balance and  drew closer to Bernard, cornering him against the fence.

“There is no escape now, Bernard”, laughed Charlie,”This has got to be the best day of my life, seeing my best friend frightened out of his wits. Really Bernard, you are such a wimp. I would love to see you do this to me but then, life is a weird thing. Not everyone is a fortunate as me.”

“Really! You are not fortunate, you are stupid.” I hate you, Charlie, for betraying me.”

Bernard started to think of escape plans. What if I trip Big Mighty up, then I can get away? No, that will not work, he is too powerful. What if he just loses his balance at one point? Yeah. Please lose your balance Big Mighty.

Suddenly, as if he was reading Bernard’s mind, Big Mighty lost his footing. The dragon hit the ground with a deafening THUD! Bernard strolled over to Big Mighty, with a puzzled look on his face. Then, the dragon’s gleaming eyes opened.

Big Mighty rolled over to reveal a very flat looking Charlie. Bernard giggled then asked the dragon what he was eager to find out.

“Big Mighty, where is my father?”

“Your father. Oh yes, I was just about to return him to you. He is a nice man, you know”, Big Mighty said as he lowered down what looked like Bernard’s father.

“Father! Where have you been.”

“Nowhere son, but I did miss you.”

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The Mysterious Dragon

Bernard looked out of the window again, and this time he could see clearly that it was the dragon, the same dragon that had taken his father.

Bernard put his coat on and left his hut. He decided that he was going to follow the purple dragon to its cave to save his father. He tip-toed out of his gate and hid behind a green bush. The mysterious dragon got up and flew into the desolated forest.

Bernard ran towards the dark forest in hope for his lost father. He ran and ran until he came up to a big stone cave. He whispered into the cave, “Father are you in here?” Bernard got no reply.

He walked into the daunting, dark cave. Suddenly a figure started walking towards Bernard. “Father, is that you?”

“Yes, it is.”

Bernard went to hug the figure. But it was not Bernard’s Father – it was the dragon’s knight. ” I see that you have come to save your fa …”  Suddenly Bernard’s father threw a rock toward the knight’s head and knocked him out.

“Run!” Bernard’s father shouted. “Run for your life.” Bernard and his father  ran through the desolated forest, until they reached their hut.

“Are you okay Father? Did the Dragon harm you?”

“Only a few scratches but no proper harm done.”

Was this the last time they were going to face the Dragon?

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the creepy dragon.





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lucy and ellen Bernard and the Dragon.

Bernard and the Dragon.

Just so you know Bernard’s Farther died in a snow storm. But then a Dragon snuck into the sky and watched Bernard and the dragon is a good Dragon called Billy then after a couple of hours Billy swooped down and smashed Bernard’s glass window putting Bernard on his back. Bernard asked Billy “ who are you”  Billy replied “I am Billy the good Dragon I see that you are very lonely some Kids are waiting for me we haft to rush”. When they got back to the little care home Bernard was puzzled he thought that it a big trick but when he saw all the kids he was so happy that he knew he wasn’t going to die but then Bernard’s face turned sad because he really missed his Farther. Then Bernard sat down and then Billy waddled over to Bernard and said what’s  the matter Bernard I thought you were having fun” so he took him to a boy and they had


loads of fun then the door opened and with a glimpse of his eye he said “ is that really you”…


the end

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Bernad and his dragon Dad

He looked out again and it was Bernerds dad . He ran outside to see him but he was to late his Dad was gone so Bernard started to run around the village trying to find his Dad. 15 minutes  had passed. No sign of his dad. but his Dad but when he got home there was still no singing of his Dad so he made himself a nice drink of  hot chocalate and went to bed. The next day Bernard went to find his Dad . As he walked he tried and tried but he couldn’t find his dad so he tried to find his home he coulnt find his home either “im lost!!!” then he suddenly he HEARD THE DRAGON SAY: “I know where your dad is!” where? Said Bernard. In the mountains. So BERNARD ran to the mountains and he found his dad.

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Bernard and the dragon – Kyle and Tom

Maybe it was the dragon it looked like it.
So Bernard and Bernard sprinted towards Frankie the scaly, friendly dragon. “I know where your dad is” said the dragon “ where?” asked Bernard trapped in a rain forest. Bernard was shocked!!! Oh no where about’ s I don’t know…

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The Dragon Tamer

He was grey  he thought to himself. What if he Put a saddle on him? Maybe he would become his dragon – his friend. What if he flies so high  I fall off? It was a hard choice but he had to try –  maybe I’ll   become a dragon tamer!

So he put a saddle onto the dragon and he looked at him. He looked sad so he said “What’s wrong and what happen? ” A net was trapping him so he untangled the net and let the dragon free.

After that the dragon allowed him to ride whereever he wanted. They had so much fun –  they had sad moments, happy moments and even funny moments, All in all he became the dragons friend.

He was a king of the dragons, he was now a dragon tamer. He thought that having a pet dragon was cool but also dangerous.  He was so happy he tried to go round town showing his dragon to everyone. They were looking in books but no matter which book they read (even the one with all the dragons in the world in it) there was not one anything like this one.

He made a book about the dragon. He was so happy that he was the first one to discover it but how did a net get there?  He made it his mission to find out promising to keep the dragon safe from harm. The stayed friends for the rest of their lives.



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The Destroyer

Could that had been a dragon? The dragon was dead, wasn’t it? Two bulging red eyes seeped through the blackened sky, the sound of beating wings echoed through the startling, grey forest.

Scanning the dusty land  below,the scaly creature grabbed hold of a whole tree a started to demolish the king’s  ancient castle. It roared with anger, and chewed a crumbly brick of the castle.

The potent stench drifted through the village and into homes of people. The creature flew from home to home but when it got to Bernard’s home it stopped and stayed on top of the cracking. Bernard approached the scaly dragon to see what was wrong with it.

The dragon screeched with pain and bit the chimney so it would not fell any pain.

Bernard discovered what the problem was, there was a splinter stuck in between the dragon’s teeth.

Once the splinter was removed from the dragon’s foul mouth, Bernard asked if he was able to fly with the dragon to find his father.

Instantly, the boy jumped onto the dragon’s back and flew over the spooky forest and past the king’s castle. They saw a camp  fire in the distance and flew down to see who started the fire.

A hairy man sat beside the flaring fire. When he saw the dragon, he hid in a ditch behind a skeletal tree. Bernard walked up to the hole where the the man lay.

“Stay away!” the man bellowed.

“Dad, is that you?”

“I was on my way back home, and that dragon scooped me up and took me to his cave. I managed to escape and I have been living here until it was safe to reurn home.” Dad replied.

“My friend, the dragon, will assist us home!”

“Oh, lovely, a ride on a dragon’s back!”


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And it was… the only thing that terrified him was the creature outside Bernard’s  house. Bernard stood, peering into the fire breathing, monsters eyes and not moving until the dragon approached! He sprinted down the stairs trying to be as silent as he could, he looked at his mother.”Dont move!” He  swung open the front door and staring at the creature, as the dragon was distracted looking into Bernard’s window trying to find him! Bernard tiptoed behind him being very careful not to tread on the monsters giant size feet as he stood on his shadow. The Dragon gave up looking and turned around to see Barnard suddenly sprinting away.

Bernard didn’t stop, not for one second, he sprinted and sprinted and sprinted until he was sure he had lost the dragon. ” That was close Bernard!” he said to himself smacking his leg muscles. Once again the dragon approached ” What else do you want? You’ve already got my father! And I’ve been a coward not even trying to get  him back and that’s all I want, all I want is my father, is that too much to ask? Please can I have him back?” Bernard asked anxiously. The dragon laughed under his breath and shot out fire right close to Bernard for a warning shot! “Fine, let’s do this the hard way then!”

Bernard kicked and punched until someone knocked out the dragon with an arrow from the back the creature’s head! He looked exactly like Bernard’s father, short beard and long curled hair.

“Dragon pie for dinner son?” Bernard’s father giggled.

“Father! I missed you!” Bernard shouted.

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Big Green Dragon

Bernard looked even closer, the green scales glowed in the dark . Bernard knew it was the Big Green Dragon the one that had flown his dad away . He remembered that day like it was yesterday. Should he tell his mum or go out there and ask for his dad back ? No he’d have to go out there, his  mum would only run away again . He grabbed the left overs from their dinner, got some water, put the sheet around himself and headed out the gap of the hut .

Slowly he began to move like a sleigh through the snow . He got closer and closer to the Big Green Dragon. He could make out his red eyes piercing  through the foggy black night. Soon he came to the dragon and whispered ” Please can I have my dad back or take me to him.” The dragon lifted Bernard off his feet and flapped his wings and they were off . Higher and higher into the sky they flew. Soon the dragon slowed down and landed on a cloud .

Bernard looked at all of the eggs on the cloud but there was no sign of his dad .This was pointless ! Just then an egg cracked and out came his dad . “Dad” Bernard said confused.

“Bernard ” called his father. Bernard woke up and there was his father and his mum in there lovely house !

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Magic dragon and Bernard

Bernard   stared   across the ice wondering what had happened to his father. Well, this is what happened to his father: he was out hunting  when he found a bizarre object . He picked up the object but then he was sent back in time 10 centuries, stopped, and zoomed back  to the minute he was on but he was a brown, scaly and fearsome dragon! As Bernard stared at the ice he was sure he saw the reflection of the dragon he saw earlier. That dragon was purple  ,smooth like  a cat ‘s nose. It said to Bernard “ To stop your father from destroying the Earth, you will need glue, a pure white feather from a snip tog owl, a chocolate covered sari, one million tiny strands of gold hair and five billion huge teeth.” Bernard had to go to hairdressers  land ,treat land and dentist world. So he could get the  object s. All of a sudden, he was transported to hairdressers land and took a feather off the whitish snip top owl. Well, he almost took a feather off the snip top owl if it wasn’t for the strange environment around him.

The environment took his breath away. There were hair trees were the leaves were hair, hairdryer houses and hair dye water. Bernard suddenly felt a sudden chill. In Bernard’s hands  a pure white feather from a snip top owl fell gently  into his hands. While he was still there he took a million tiny strands of gold hair.

Immediately Bernard fell from the sky into treat world, in the India globe and saw a walking chocolate covered sari! Bernard, who was a bit greedy, took the chocolate covered sari and six gobstobber bars.

Suddenly he ended up in dentist  world .    Bernard took a lollypop and  swiped it at false mouth filled with five billion  huge teeth.  While Bernard was there he took two lollypops.

Bernard joint the: feather, chocolate covered sari, teeth and hair together and immediately his father turned back into a human and he and Bernard went back home together


Amber and Joshua

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bernard and the dragon by aemilia and zara

Rubbing his dry eyes he saw a strange looking shadow it looked like a scaly spiky dragon.
When Bernard saw the dark shadow he knew it was a dragon and the dragon said ‘’ where is your dad?’’ ‘’I don’t know he hasn’t come back for centuries. ‘’do you wan’t me to help you…’’ ‘’yes please.’’ So they strolled and strolled for hours but they couldn’t find his dad. Then they saw a frozen little hole with lots of piranhas in. Then they saw a wrinkly head poking out. ‘’Is that your dad’’ ‘’I think it is.’’ ‘’dad is that you?’’ but there was no reply so Bernard shouted louder ‘’DAD IS THAT YOU?’’ but there was no reply so Bernard shouted louder ‘’DAD THAT YOU.’’ But still there was no reply then they realised it was a wrinkly bit of seaweed. ‘’it’s a piece of seaweed’’ said the dragon sadly. after that they started to search again. Then they heard a shouting sound ’’ HELP HELP’’ ‘’ITS MY DAD!’’’’ we found him’’ help me Bernard.’’ Then he helped his dad and the dragon became he’s pet. And they lived happily ever after!!!

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The sick dragon by Leo + Roman

That had woken him up from his cosy warm sleep. Bernard rolled out of bed and grabbed his magnificent   bear coat and threw it on. When Bernard spotted it was At tle puff his old dragon best friend he put his deadly dagger in his case. The crunching snow   shinned red from the sunset. To light hi way to Attlepuff  . As   he  use his ladder to climb up the dragon. Quickly he flew to the hidden mountain when his father was working for the Thorn King dragon making a cure for the queen dragon’s wond to her heart. Bernard’s dad was mixing up cherry salad , birds heart , jaw breaker and twenty thousand singing fire worms . Bernard’s dad rushed to cover the potion before it exploded like can of T.N.T. All was quiet  everybody was asleep twenty hours had gone the potion was ready Bearnard’s dad carefully poured it into her body s slowly her venomous heart started to pump . She was saved by Bernards dad a three day dragon party was held as a reward.

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The witch’s pet by Max and Harry

Bernard wondered where his father was. He had Disappeared in to the wildness. While he was looking out he saw a dragon called belertom. So Bernard legged it outside to get help to find his dad. As he went out into the freezing ice, his half pet – half wild dragon landed right next to him making the snow crumble and his hair blow up like a bomb!!!
“Can you help me find my father in the wildness?” asked Bernard politely.
The dragon crouched down to let Bernard jump on. Quickly Bernard hopped onto the dragon’s boney back and off they travelled like a wicked witch on her broom into the wilderness.
As they were in the air they saw a witch on a dragon trying to have a battle with Bernard & belertom …

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bernard and the dragon by kaylah & millieb

Blinking quickly Bernard   was thinking is that a real dragon?

Bernard looked out the window again and again thinking was his father hurt. Then tears came down from his eyes he was extremely sad he couldn’t stop crying he was crying for 6hours and that’s  really long and I mean really long  at   that moment  Bernard stopped  and looked  and thinked for a minute he saw a dragon the dragon looked  like his father then the dragon came over to Bernard and said something but he doesn’t under stand him because he doesn’t speak like a dragon so he asked the dragon the teach him dragon language but the dragon cant understand Bernard  so they teached each over.


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The creature in the dark!!!

Out in the dark, it was silent, too silent! As night fell, the creature in the dark did not rest. The melancholy villagers gathered their things and  hid from the blood-thirsty monster. Without warning the titanic prayseeking arachnid, crept up on the frightened victim…

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Definitely a Dragon!

In a old cottage a fearsome egg was shaking like the world was going to erupt like a volcano. it smashed open with so much power it knocked the living daylights out of me. Secondly a dragon popped its head out It’s eyes were red as blood!!!

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Out of nowhere a blood red bony  dragon swooped down as fast as lightning, roaring Like thunder.

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The beginning and end

Friday 5th July 2013

Yes it was… What was Bernard going to do as he saw the dragon soaring round the Snow White moon in the dead of night? The moon just becoming a pale white dot as the dragon covered almost the whole of it, there was no one call no one to shout and Bernard was getting petrified. Soon the white dot was gone in addition the white dot had become a full moon and the dragon was fading away rapidly. Therefor it was time for Bernard to make an astonishing move, pack his bags and hopefully figure out an escape plan! Otherwise the dragon could just jump out with wings at wind wings span and give Bernard one heck of a fright,or capture him or eat him for either breckfast,dinner tea or snack.

By Katie

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Bernard with a chance – Sam and Elliott

Sprinting with fear, Bernard zoomed across the slippery sliding slope and straight into the spooky, fairytale forest. As he was running along the path, he spotted a rotten cocola tree with a goblin-sized hole in the side. Out of nowhere, Bernard tripped on a large, smashed open stone and slid straight towards the goblin hole!!! Inside the hole there was a time whirlwind he slipped in it but then… the whirlwind only sent him five minutes back in time so he was sprinting again. This time Bernard saw the green scaly dragon right In front of his forehead. He sprinted as fast as he could to get away but then the dragon moaned out loud son I’m your father . I can turn into a dragon if you want me to. I can teach you to turn into a dragon too!

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Bernard and the dragon – Brady & Alfie


Bernard sprinted away from the window and out into the dark, scary forest. As he looked around he saw icicles like knives hanging from the branches all around him. He knew if he jogged a tree they would fall and smash like dinosaurs feet waking the evil snigger chigger dragon king from his death!

While he was running, he accidently jogged a tree making a few icicles drop and they made a thunderous sound! And the good dragoon attacked the evil snigger chigger dragon king and killed him.Bernard was filled with shame so he gave the evil dragon to the good dragon. Then an- other evil dragon flew over the trees (it`s like wwe super stars dragons) and the good dragon was cm punk and the bad dragon was called punk u down. When they came face to face, the good dragon started to fight. He swung his incredibly spiky tail around and it knocked out the evil dragon! The evil dragon got back up with a bit of help from his mate called shiver. As soon as he was up he started to fight back. He punched the good dragon with his electric fist until the good dragon had an electric head.

After a while, Bernard thought he noticed something strange about the king evil dragon. He noticed that his tail had his dad’s hat sitting on it! That’s my dad he thought so he shouted out ‘DAD!!!’ the king evil dragon looked down at Bernard and said ‘Son you need compassion to break the spell’ so Bernard follows his compassion and it broke the spell. All the evil dragons died assept the king ‘ It didn`t work I know say all die’ and it worked…

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Savannah, Year 3

Was it ear problems? Was it a…but the sky started to thunder while it turned dark grey! Then a massive piece of fire exploded in the air, so Bernard decided to face it and have a terrifying look. It WAS a dragon!

Gradually, the dragon started to talk.

“Are you missing something?” he grumbled, slowly.

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Natalia, Year 3

Slowly, quietly, Bernard stepped out of the cold, lonely hut and looked into the night air. A white angel! He thought it could be a Pegasus, but he believed them to be a myth.

Suddenly, the Pegasus landed on the ground beside Bernard. He said to the creature,

“Would you like some food?” Surprisingly, the Pegasus answered,

“Yes please!” The boy stepped back and stuttered,

“Y, y, you talk!”

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the night dragon

Drifting snow powdered the dark, desolate forest, smothering the silent earth like a polar bear’s coat. Bernard peered out of the window from his little stone hut, wondering if he would ever see his father’s familiar face again!

The full moon stared through the skeletal trees like a knowing eye. At that moment, he heard the rhythmic beating of wings. Scanning the skies, Bernard could just make out a scaly shadow.  was it the dragon? or was it the shape of the big black clouds blowing across the dark night sky? Bernard stared as hard as he could until his head ached.The shape changed and then changed again.Burnurd could see clearly now ,it was a dragon.

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Emerald – The Beginning of the end

The ground started shaking! The trees shoke too, Bernards heart was racing and pounding, clapping and thudding. His father was no where to be seen! No where…The only thing in sight was a badly injured wolf howling for his life. The door to the Bernards hut started clattering as he slowly moved towards the poor staggering wolf. The wolf was sad cause he was lonley.

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A growl, a flap of wings, the humid air became warmer.

Bernad sensed a mythical creature nearby. Was it a bird, was it a plane? No……. IT WAS A DRAGON!!!!

He saw the flourescent wings flap past his window.

1 o’ 2 o’clock 3 o’clock bernards house, while for Bernard, he sat in his leather chair at the double glazed window and wondered if this was ever possible. Bernard stared at the dragons needle sharp teeth. Bernard was scared out of his skin shaking like mad. He was turning as cold as ice. His heart beated as fast as a car going around a racing track, as he stared some more, he realised what he was viewing wasn’t a dream, it was real, and nothing could change the way that was…

The dragon opened it’s immense mouth and breathed burning orange fire, but Bernard couldn’t take it any more, he stood up, his legs shaking and strolled out the door. To kill the dragon…

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The dreadful Dragon’s den

Drifting snow powdered the dark desolate forest, smothering the silent earth like a polar bear’s coat. Bernard peered out of the window from his little stone hut, wondering if he would ever see his father’s familiar face again!

The full moon stared through the skeletal trees like a knowing eye. At that moment, he heard the rhythmic beating of wings. Scanning the skies, Bernard could just make out a scaly shadow. Was it the dragon?

As Bernard perched through the back gloomy door he couldn’t see his brave, fearless father. As Bernard turned round he saw a Black colossal shadow. His father was right that he should never go outside without his permission. What would Bernard do? His dad always told him if he here’s a dragon and he’s far away from his house always berry yourself in the snow. Firstly of all he was right next to his house and, secondly the dragon noes that he is there.

Bernard thoughtthat he should go inside but the dragon would the dragon will attack stayed but if he stayed there the dragon will find him. He decided that he would run inside get his sword and if the dragon attacked he would use his sword. Bernard knew that it would be the biggest mistake of his life.

Bernard knew that he was a rubbish sprinter, but this depended of his life. Bernard sprinted as fast as he could, he didn’t even look back. He got his sword turn round and there was nothing. He didn’t dare look go back out there or even look out of the window but he just waited inside with his sword in his hand.

After a couple of hours Bernard made the biggest mistake of his life. Bernard herded some Banging on the front on the door he knew that his dad would never knock on the door because it will attract attention. As dumb as a dog he opened the door, but he couldn’t see anything. Then he did the most stupid thing you could imagine. Bernard shouted “Father can you her me” when there was a dragon wanting to eat him. Bernard waited and waited as quickly as the speed of light a red oversize figure zoomed though the sky. Bernard had never see anything like that but, he knew it could only be one thing…


Bernard turned round as slowly as he could. The dragon swooped round and caught him, Bernard was in trouble. The dragon took him on a stretched journey as he thought of portion of questions. Where is his Dad? Where does the dragon live? Where is he taking me? Then he thought of a questions Why does the dragon only appears when fathers goes to find the dragon maybe he has a big secret maybe he is the dragon. Bernard thought he was stupid who would think that there father was a dragon. Bernard thought how stupid he was and what his father would of thought.

Bernard saw a sign saying dragontopia. The Dragon emerged thought the deep monotonous, dreary forest. Bernard thought that it looks boring but then he thought positive and it could be great for a making den. Finlay Bernard and the dragon averred. “Welcome son to Dragon school, located in dragontopia” said the dragon finally Bernard understood his dad was a dragon, he went mental “I DON’T WANT TO GO TO DRAGON SCHOOL YOU LIER!” Shout Bernard furiously he stormed of the way he came from. Bernard remembered which way they went.

Ope – 5R, St Francis CofE Primary School, Swindon

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Bernard’s rescue

Drifting snow powdered the dark desolate forest, smothering the silent earth like a polar bear’s coat. Bernard peered out of the window from his little stone hut, wondering if he would ever see his father’s familiar face again!

The full moon stared through the skeletal trees like a knowing eye. At that moment, he heard the rhythmic beating of wings. Scanning the skies, Bernard could just make out a scaly shadow. Was it the dragon?

Bernard’s terrified face turned towards the eerie figure.  A shiver of fright trickled down his back; he was too afraid to even mutter a single word. The dragon swooped along the night sky like a Hulk hunting for it’s pray.

The young boy sped off into the dismal hut as fast as a leopard.  Bernard’s eyes filled with amazement as he gradually walked among the hut. ‘WOW!’ echoed Bernard; he had never seen anything like it. Shelves and shelves of dragon models covered the small hut from top to bottom.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ‘What do you think?’ whispered a suspicious man from the corner of the room. ‘I’m Charles, and you are?’ added the man.

‘I’m Bernard’ he answered. He was still very confused about what was going on. Bernard asked Charles if he knew anything about the dragon continuously circling the bewildered hut. Unfortunately he knew nothing at all. ‘It’s getting late now, let’s get some sleep.’ insisted Charles. The old man and Bernard quickly walked up to Charles’ room.

His room was completely empty except for an old, abandoned bed in the corner of the room. Charles laid out a blanket and a soft pillow on the wooden floor. ‘You can sleep here.’ Said Charles pointing to the floor. Being cautious, Bernard sank into his bed that Charles had made. ‘Good night!’ whispered Charles. Bernard laid down on his bed thinking about his father, he wanted to find him. He has been gone for 5 months now and Bernard missed him very dearly. 5 months ago that wicked dragon captured his father Jack and held him at his will. Slowly Bernard drifted off into a deep sleep.

The next morning finally came; Bernard was more than eager to find his father, but the only way to save him is to defeat the dragon, so that was what he was going to do now, today. After a while Charles awoke and stomped down the stairs like a bewildered elephant. ‘So what’s for breakfast?’ said Bernard with curiosity. Charles shoved some cereal into the bowl.

‘I’m going to save my father, he’s been held at his will by the dragon’ stated Bernard.

Millie – 5R, St Francis CofE Primary

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Bernard and the Dragon

Drifting snow powdered the dark desolate forest, smothering the silent earth like a polar bear’s coat. Bernard peered out of the window from his little stone hut, wondering if he would ever see his father’s familiar face again!

The full moon stared through the skeletal trees like a knowing eye. At that moment, he heard the rhythmic beating of wings. Scanning the skies, Bernard could just make out a scaly shadow. Was it the dragon?

Tense travelled down his spine, the sound was getting louder every second. Then there was an eerie silence. He paused. Bernard was anxious and alarmed. Out of nowhere, the scaly dragon flew rapidly across his head; he had strike-panic. Suddenly, nerves travelled around him like a snake rapped around him. Then there was an eerie silence nothing moved Bernard couldn’t hear anything he felt solitary again. But he knew that the colossal dragon was going to back to him. As a result, Bernard went down to his basement in his miniature hut in the middle of nowhere. He looks for weapons so he could capture the dragon. He found an ax that was rusted where it had been in the hut in the darkness corner of the basement.

Then Bernard cautiously opened his stone, heavy door into the deep, freezing snow. It felt like he was in Antarctica. As the snow fell Bernard was nearly frozen his feet were numb his clothes was soaking wet because of the snow. He thought this could get any worse. Then, the snow got deeper and deeper by the minute Bernard was finding it difficult and tiring. All different emotions where travelling around him. Bernard then fell to the floor and fell asleep….

When Bernard woke up the sky was dismal and gloomy as always is was also incredibly foggy. Bernard couldn’t see anything in the distance he was terrified. The fresh air travelled up his nostrils. He speedily made a fire so he could keep warm the flames where malty reds and yellow. He slowly got warm and his body soon heated up. Bernard was starving he looked around for food even though it was really difficult. He felt dismayed he couldn’t find any food he hadn’t eaten for days. Bernard was losing his energy he thought can I do this!

Bernard put the bright fire out and continued his journey to find the vast dragon. Then Bernard approached a dismal forest cautiously with fright. Gnarled trees like twisting snakes surrounded him like there was no exist. Suddenly, a shadow immerged speedily past him like a flash of lightning. Bernard paused with fright. He started to shake. However, he was determined to tackle the fierce dragon even though he was petrified. As Bernard was getting deeper and deeper into the forest the atmosphere started to change, noises where getting louder also it was getting darker and gloomier when he travelled more into the dismal forest. But then he heard some flapping wings like the ones he heard early. But he couldn’t make out what it was because of the heavy fog surrounding him. Then he could make out what it was, it was the vast, colossal dragon that Bernard was terrified of…….

The dragon came flying towards him rapidly like nothing was going to get in the way. Bernard, at that moment was the scariest man on earth. He didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, as the dragon was a center meter away the dragon turned into….. Bernard’s father. Bernard was so elated and overwhelmed he yelled ecstatically “is that you father?” Bernard’s father responded “yes it’s me, sorry I’ve been stalking and terrifying you but you had to show your determination for me to turn back into a human again.” Bernard’s face turned from anxiousness into elatedness “I can’t believe it’s you!” Bernard was so happy it was like he just became priminister the smile on his face was outstanding. However, they were still in the dismal forest they couldn’t find an exist out of the dirty forest. Then when night fell the moon shimmered and sparkled between the gnarled, tall trees. It brightened up the forest instantly.

Finally, they found the exit out of the gloomy, dismal forest. But it was still freezing and the white snow as white as a sheep’s wool was higher than it was before. They both found it hard and difficult to get through the deep snow. The snowflakes dropped from the white, dismal sky like heavy rain. Slowly, Bernard and his father trotted home together happily.

By Mia, 5R, St Francis CofE Primary School, Swindon.

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Bernard’s Dragon Adventure


Drifting snow powdered the dark desolate forest, smothering the silent earth like a polar bear’s coat. Bernard peered out of the window from his little stone hut, wondering if he would ever see his father’s familiar face again!

The full moon stared through the skeletal trees like a knowing eye. At that moment, he heard the rhythmic beating of wings. Scanning the skies, Bernard could just make out a scaly shadow. Was it the dragon?


There was a pounding to the ground the windows shattered of Bernard’s house. He looked through the broken window and saw someone in the snow so he went out side. He wiped the snow off the person, he saw it was a man. It was his dad! He quickly got inside and wrapped him so he would get warm. He was scared his father wouldn’t survive, but he heard him mumbling. He was so happy he was alive so he just him rest.

His Father was slowly recovering from when he was knocked out. Bernard asked him “why are you here and how did you get knocked to the floor? Are you the dragon?”

He replied “Im here to send  you a message Bernard I am the dragon  and fell down because turned back to human. My message is that you are ready to become a dragon Bernard. It’s your destiny”

“I don’t want to be a dragon! I don’t want to be transformed!” Bernard shouted.

“But if don’t, the dragon council will be after you. They won’t stop until they find you and turn you into a wild dragon for breaking the law” said Bernard’s Father.

“Ok I’ll do so. I’ll stay out of trouble. Where are we going to turn me into a dragon? ” mumbled Bernard.

“It’s in the magical dragon volcano land I’ll fly you there” replied   Father.

So they flew to dragon volcano land when they made it to the top they went through a tunnel where this big statue was there, but it wasn’t a statue it was the god of dragons, he turns the lava magic.

“What should I do” whispered Bernard

“Jump in” said father

“No way”! Shouted Bernard

His father pushed into the lava. He fell down with a huge splash!There was silence for a few seconds and then a huge raw boomed out. A new dragon was born.

There was a crimson flash a new dragon uncurling his wings ready to fly. His teeth were nice and sharp, ripping through anything. His claws cut through anything and this was the new dragon.

He was gliding across the sea the something hit him. It was another dragon, this one was mad! So violent “I knew what this was the council turning a dragon into a wild dragon we had stop this dragon”! shouted Bernard.

So he through all the down to the sea and nether seen again after he through the wild dragon the words he said after were “I will stop the council from turning dragon into monster dragon really are not what they say in the movies they kind creatures and they will stay that way forever”.

He went to his dad and went on to stop evil may their adventure continue.

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Bernard’s Dragon Hunt

Drifting snow powdered the dark desolate forest, smothering the silent earth like a polar bear’s coat. Bernard peered out of the window from his little stone hut, wondering if he would ever see his father’s familiar face again!

he heard the rhythmic beating of wings. Scanning the skies, Bernard could just make out a scaly shadow. Was it the dragon?


As Bernard stepped out into the coldness a fast movement flashed past .Then there was nothing to be herd then suddenly an ice ball shot and down from the sky an made a huge hole in the ground by his hut .But then the sky turned into mist and there was nothing to be seen .Bernard sprinted back in to his hut and locked the door . Well the dragon  was  one Bernard went to go and look for his shiny golden sword but when he looked back the sky was lit up with a fire ball .He went back out side and he saw the ice dragon covered with guts and an tail missing .Bernard slowly crept out into the wilderness and  it flew  the ice dragon then he casually walked back trying not to make a sound . Then the icy face turned around and it looked like his brothers face . was it his brother Jerry . The next gloomy ,dismal morning Bernard pocked his head out the window there was another dragon eating the ice dragon . Bernard then got his goggles and zoomed in the other dragon had red deadly eyes . Suddenly it flew away to a castle.


Bernard thought that must be my dad . The next day Bernard travelled to the dull ,dark  castle . The day felt long for Bernard but it was only twelve o’clock in the afternoon .As he crept across the slimy ice he herd a crack and then suddenly fire alight the misty sky . Bernard felt petrified but he know that he could not give up . As he got closer the ice got thinner and gloomier . The journey was six hours long the first thing that he would do is rest . Two hours later Bernard got up and went to fight the dragon . After a while there was BRIGHT red blood all over Bernard but he had one more thing to defeat it was the witch . As he slowly walked up the creaky steps but there was no on one so Bernard took the position to bring the dragon back to his dad . Then once Bernard put the potion on his dad they set off. It was five o’clock they only had till seven o’clock to save there brother the sun was setting . one hour later they put the potion on there brother and he was a man again.


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The Father’s return

Drifting snow powdered the dark desolate ground smothering the silent earth like a polar bear’s coat. Bernard peered out of the window from his little stone hut, wondering if he would ever see his father’s familiar face again!

The full moon stared through the skeletal trees like a knowing eye. At that moment, he heard the rhythmic beating of wings. Scanning the skies, Bernard could just make out a scaly shadow. Was it the dragon?

A few years ago Bernard’s father said that their town will be invaded by dragons. “run away my dear child” shouted his father from their cottage door, “I will come for you when they have gone”. They were  the last words he said.

Bernard always wondered if his beloved father would come back for him. He said he would four years ago when he was in his joyful little town, but now he’s left in this solitary, cold, long lost place. He wished he could see his father’s fortunate smile again like he did back then.

Then the creature in the clouds circled above him.  What’s happening? He thought to himself. On the inside he felt fearful as well as surprised to not see it stare at Bernard and attack. Suddenly a “wip” emerged down the earth skimming the top of Bernard’s grey stone hut. Bernard was terrified at this point but he was intrigued by the site he was seeing.

All of a sudden the clouds in the sky emerged in front of the creature and turned an unusual colour. The creature disappeared into the distance leaving a scale behind. It was a ghost green and silver scale that was smooth and slimy. Just as he was about to sniff it a gloomy figure stood a few meters away and whispered “I have come for you my dear Bernard” “dad?” said Bernard with a confused look on his face.

The figure approached him closer and closer. With misty eyes staring right at him. The ghost spoke again “I am your father ,I HAVE COME FOR YOU AT LAST”. “umm…… I saw the dragon and it is true. YOU SAID IT WAS ONLY IN FAIRY TALES” shouted Bernard across the snowy land. This ghost said he would haunt him till he’s dead. Now that the ghost said that, Bernard was convinced that this wasn’t his beloved father. He felt threatened and distraught seeing his father as a ghost.

A large shadow emerged over the top over the top of him and the ghostly figure rised up “I BELIEVE NOW” a dark voice bellowed in the distance echoed across the long lost land.

Cara – 5R, St Francis CofE Primary School, Swindon

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The Dragon Slayer

Drifting snow powdered the dark desolate forest, smothering the silent earth like a polar bear’s coat. Bernard peered out of the window from his little stone hut, wondering if he would ever see his father’s familiar face again!

The full moon stared through the skeletal trees like a knowing eye. At that moment, he heard the rhythmic beating of wings. Scanning the skies, Bernard could just make out a scaly shadow. Was it the dragon?

As the day went past Bernard wondered if his father will ever come back. Just before the sun was coming down Bernard thought that his father was keeping a secret from him, but another thing came up in his mind where did his father go? When Benard was in his bed he could always hear a vague sound of a dragons wings flapping far,far away.


The next day Bernard stood still stareing outside looking for his father. As the winter breeze blew past his face giving Benard a chill. He thought, that if he looked for his father, in the forest he would come home and they live happily ever after, but Benard knew that the dragon was out there. Benard was going to go out in the forest  but needed a weapon just in case the dragon comes. So he searched all around the hut looking for weapons. Later on he went outside to chop some trees down to some weapons alongside with the axe. As he chopped down his final trunk he started to make some spears and some little steaks.

As Benard waited till dawn he grabbed his fluffy coat, torch and his weapons. He was ready. When Bernard was beyond depth of the forest he went in different directions. As the impeduable darkness crept more over him in the darker bit of the forest Bernard got more scared. Even though the darkness scared him he did it for his father.

When Bernard came beyond reach of the forest he started to go up the mountain hiking. As Bernard stop for a while to eat his bread, he saw a dark figure raoming around the forest. He thought to himself “It can’t be,”but it was. It was his father whom was raoming around. Bernard quickly stuffed the piece of bread in his mouth and started to climb down step by step. As Benard got down he started to stalk his father to his destination.

When Bernards father stopped at his destination he looked behind him and Bernard rapidly moved out of the way but gulpedloud enough so his father could hear him his father said “ Whos there, I have an axe I will not hesitate I will chop your head off.” Bernard replied “It’s me father, it’s me Bernard.” Bernard?What are you doing here?” “I…I came here to find you father.” “Well you shouldn’t of.” “But why father why?” “Because it’s to dangerous out here in the forest and you don’t know whats out here.” “Actually father I do know whats out here I know there are dragons and maybe some other creatures and mythical monsters out there.” “Ok. You do know a lot but still it’s to dangerous out here for you so get back to the hut.” “But father tell me where are you going and where have you been for so long.” “I might tell you but it’s not the time now.”

As Bernard followed his father to wherever they were going they set of to a journey together at the bottom of the mountain of Snyden. Bernard was going through a lot of feelings because he doesn’t know to be mad at his father or to be greatful and happy that he found him. Bernard usually goes strolling through the forest by his hut and secretly goes deep down in the forest and as they walked through the forest Bernard saw some gnarled trees that he has never seen before. When they came to the end of the mountain there was a secret door attached to the mountain. Inside there was a weapons there were swords attached to the walls and a crafting table. Outside of the house there was a demanding face of a dragon.” My son I have a lot to tell as you can see.” “ Father I need the truth I need to know why you have been gone for so long. Why?” “Son I’m a dragon slayer, I have that dragon head outside this little hut because I slayed it, legand says that it was the fiercest dragon there was and every dragon slayer was too scared to fight it.” “ Ok, then now can I be a dragon slayer and be your umm…mmm  oh your sidekick.” “Very funny son but you could train with me.” “Ok.” So they trained all day. As Bernard got older his father was getting older too. When Bernard was fully trained he entered his first dragon slaying competition and Bernard won, his father was proud of him. A few days later Bernard stopped dragon slaying. His father had died in a dragon slaying competition he was eaten by a dragon. Bernard entered a dragon slaying competition. He needed to have the dragon which killed his father so he could avenge his father with a victory and the dragons head to put on my father’s hut.

Later in the day in the impeduable darkness the flapping of the dragons wings were coming closer and closer. Bernard quickly ran into his fathers hut and took his sword that his father killed the fiercest dragon with. He ran outside and waited for the dragon to land so he could slay the dragon. The dragon swooped down from the sky and took Bernard and took him to a dragon cave to battle. When Bernard landed by the cave he took out his sword and was ready to battle. The dragon was ready to battle so they did. It went on till the night but until Bernard struck his sword through the dragon’s neck. SLICE. The dragon died just like his father. Bernard made his way down the mountain and stopped being a dragon slayer because it was too dangerous like his father said.

By Ivan – 5R, St Francis CofE Primary, Swinodn




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Drifting snow powdered the dark desolate forest, smothering the silent earth like a polar bear’s coat. Bernard peered out of the window from his little stone hut, wondering if he would ever see his father’s familiar face again!

The full moon stared through the skeletal trees like a knowing eye. At that moment, he heard the rhythmic beating of wings. Scanning the skies, Bernard could just make out a scaly shadow. Was it the dragon?

Bernard panicked whilst looking out of the misty window to see a large scaly object flapping its wing heavily through the sky. Was it him the dragon was after? Would he see his father ever again? When will the dragon go? These were the questions that repeatedly sank into his mind.  “Right” he thought. “I am NOT going to stay here hoping that father will come back on day, I will go and search. The dragon will not stand in MY way!” More determined than ever, he packed his back quickly. Bernard packed some food, water, clothes, compass, a small pocket knife and a first aid kit. Cautiously, he opened the door and stepped out. Fear was filling his body as he left the only safe place he knew. He walked past the dragon, through the snow that was like a sea of whiteness.


Climbing up hills and hiding behind rocks and trees,  Bernard got away from the dragon. Now all he had to do was find his father. Bernard through the easy part was over, getting past the dragon, but no, finding his father and getting past more dragons was more of a problem. Meanwhile, whilst Bernard was looking for his father, the dragon continually circled Bernard hut. With one swish of the dragon’s tail, the hut was destroyed. All the hard work Bernard had put in to building the hut was gone.


Bernard heard the banging noise of the hut collapsing. He was very curious about what had happened and thought it was just a dragon knocking down a tree. The sky was getting dark and still no sign of his father. Bernard decided to sit in a cave and light a fire with his pocket knife and a rock. Unexpected he woke up to the sound of dragon’s roaring and rapidly flying around the cave he was resting in. He remembered a dragon doing that before he heard the banging sound. Bernard as sly as a fox ran out of the cave to the west.


Panting, Bernard stopped running and sat down. Putting on extra clothes, Bernard saw a moving object at the top of the mountain and whispered “father?”  Then Bernard bellowed “FATHER!”.  The object turned around to see who said that. “IS THAT YOU?!” Bernard ran up the mountain shouting “FATHER IS IT YOU?!” Finally Bernard reached the top of the hill and saw the person. The man had dark brown hair with green eyes. Just as he remembered. His lasts words before he left was “If I do not come back, stay in the hut and wait for me, however long I take” “Father?” Bernard whispered.

“Bernard, is that you?” the voice called out.

“Yes father, it is me, Bernard. I have missed you. I think the dragon is after me.” Bernard cried.

“You will be ok with me. But first let’s go back to the hut. It will be warmer and I haven’t seen it in a while.” Bernard’s father said softly.


Bernard and his father walked over all the rocks and trees to the place his hut once was. Everything was going fine until they saw all the sticks and a vast lump of snow. Bernard cried and wept over the loss of the only safe place to live. Bernard’s father sighed “Don’t be sad, we can build a new hut.” Bernard’s face turned from sadness to angriness.

“That dragon is going to be dead in a minute!” Bernard bellowed.

“No  Bernard, do not try to kill that dragon!” shouted Bernard’s father.

“It’s my only hope!” he shouted at the top of his voice.

That night, Bernard left for the horrible fight he would be involved in. He stumbled over the rocks and what was left of the trees.  He hurried though the snow that glistened like diamonds. The sky was dark and dismal yet the birds still sang happily in the light green trees. The gnarled trees branches were like witches fingers reaching out to capture Bernard and hold him captive. The next day, his father wept and cried over the loss of Bernard. Bernard’s father built the hut again and made it better. But now, there is a room that Bernard’s father never enters or looks at. Bernard’s dismal new room. Bernard’s father never saw Bernard again.


By Emily – 5R, St Francis CofE Primary SChoo, Swindon

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Bernard’s Story

3 years ago Bernard’s father went missing. He had been involved in a fight with dragons. Including the dragon of all dragons. It was a fearless dragon, full of power. He would get what he wanted. Take what he needed. If not you would be in trouble. His father was a dragon slayer and would take down any dragon. He did for the village.

He was taken away from his son, Bernard. Bernard was solitary without his father. He lived in a dismal forest with gnarled trees. A miniscule hut lay in the middle of the forest. It was round and curved with a thatched roof. The walls were made out of weak bricks and the door was made out some planks of wood tide together by a thin piece of string.

In the winter, the bitter air slid through the narrow door and under the walls. This was the time when the dragons would loom in the distance searching for its pray. You could just picture a scaly body lurking in the thick air.

Bernard didn’t know where his father was all he could concentrate was taking in his fathers footsteps and slaying the dragon. He knew this wasn’t a safe place to live, not for him, not for anyone except a dragon.

His home used to be a dragons lair, and then one day his father decide to invade. They had succeeded on their mission the place was now theirs. However every three years the dragons would fight to retrieve their home. Bernard had been dreading the day ever since his father left and the day had nearly come. The day was tomorrow and  Bernard was preparing. He told the villagers about the event and his plan to catch the dragon. And then he got ready to fight.

“I’m going to kill the dragon” shouted Bernard at the top of his voice. Just then a colony of dragons sawed the sky. “I’m ready to fight”. Beady eyes glared down on Bernard  like a deer for its pray. The dragon circled the hut getting lower every time keeping his eye his pray. The scaly figures circled the sky continuously. As the dragon’s got lower mixed feelings filled Bernard’s  body. Petrified he was, he thought he was in a dream but as the dragons got closer he realised it was real and he would have to defeat the dragon. The fight began.

As Bernard got into it he began to feel better, then he had one left. Unfortunately for him it was the greatest and most powerful dragon. It came shooting down, blasting fire at 90m per hour. Determination was the only thing he had left to defeat the dragon. Then the dragon was defeated .

A proud smile emerged on his face. He had defeated all the dragons, hopefully. Then Bernard realised, he would be the town hero he had defeated all the dragons. All he had to do was to find his father and take him home.

Bernard thought the only place to find his father was to find the dragons lair.

Eleanor – 5R St Francis CofE Primary School, Swindon

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Bernard’s New Life

The dragon looped  the hut and blew fire into the air it shimmered down and collected in front of the door like snow. Bernard looked down  at the collection of ash when suddenly before Bernard could wink again from what went from ash turned to a golden ,shimmering bracelet that looked like it had belonged to a king!

Bernard carried the precious golden bracelet into his little stone hut placed  it on the table and wondered. He poured himself some tea from his small stove kettle and sipped it.

“I wonder why I was chosen for this beautiful bracelet I’m nobody special am I?” Bernard asked himself. He took another sip of his tea and then decided after a short while that he would try the bracelet on, little did Bernard know that by putting on this bracelet something terrible would happen. Before he could scream help he changed his head grew bigger he grew broad purple wings, a scaly body and a four meters long tale. Bernard then saw a crimson flame in the shape of a castle with a vague shape of a dragon. He flew over to the flame still getting used to the wings and his new shape. This day keeps getting stranger and stranger thought Bernard.

When he had reached his bright destination a voice boomed from above.                               “Welcome son!” the deep voice shouted.

“father?” exclaimed Bernard

“yes son, its me ,welcome to my castle of the dragons, you will live here now. Instead of that shabby old stone hut of yours, I’m the king here so listen to me, got it?!

“Yes father I mean sir I mean your majesty” as he bowed.

“Your new name will be crimson, got it?!!” ordered the king.

“Yes your majesty” trembled crimson.

“GET TO WORK WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE!!!!!!” shouted the king.

Crimson then entered the flaming castle trying to get used to the heat and the dark atmosphere although the castle was bright. He saw another dragon that looked friendlier than his so called father he followed him. Then they stopped at a halt they entered a room with a sign on the front in blood orange paint it read… MESSANGER ROOM. He entered along with the other dragon they seemed to be on a moving platform the dragon in front was obviously new too because  he kept trembling.

“Hello I’m new here too!” exclaimed Crimson.

“I’m glad I’m not the only one!!” said the other dragon.

“what is your name?” asked crimson.

“I’m spark” replied spark.

Forgetting they were still on the platform they were both given fifty of the golden bracelets and a map of Terabithia with red dots painted in different places. Crimson guessed that you had to fly and drop the bracelets to the people with the red dot. And so he set off in the deep moonless night. After he had completed his first thirty deliveries he came to a cave he memorised where it was  Terabithia and went to collect some wood for a fire. He came back to the cave later in the evening with more than he planned for. He came back with the following items:

A cauldron full of water , a  bucket of fish and some firewood. The wood he burnt for a fire, the cauldron of water he boiled and then he put the fish in the water and ate it with his razor sharp teeth. The next morning, he woke up and finished the last fish then set off to finish the last twenty deliveries. He spread his wings again and flew back to the castle where he met his cruel father, oh how he wished he could challenge him to a duel. The rest of the day he helped make the terabithian changing bracelets. Then on the loud speaker that projects through all the different rooms Crimson come to my office immediately! And all other dragons report to your rooms now!! Crimson flew to the even darker , gloomier room and stopped the door swung open and then slammed close behind.

Alana – 5R St Francis CofE Primary School

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The howling wind filled Bernard’s ear, a shiver drifted down his spine where was  his father? The eerie figure was the dragon, Bernard’s tenseness started to go. He was relieved that he wasn’t alone anymore; he grabbed his flying equipment .The dragon slowly floated down to where Bernard was stood.bernerd jumped on the dragon patting the dragon when he was on. The dragon shot off as fast as the speed of light. Everything look so small were as Bernard was so high in the chilly sky.

The sound of wings flapping echoed across the empty and vast  land. Bernard knew the dragon since it was a baby his father was around then. One night Bernard’s father James went out hunting for food. Never came back though, Bernard searched day and night but never found him.Bernerd was devastated when he was left alone at the deserted hut.

The dragon stopped at a halt Bernard saw a figure peering at them. The dragon slowly landed where the man was.Bernard recognized the face but it wasn’t his long lost father. “I recognize you  “said Bernard stuttering “I’m trying to find James we went hunting together then he got lost “the man sounded  sorrow .”He’s my father “exclaimed Bernard

“Jump on”the dragon sped off at top speed. When they all got back to the hut they was really tired. The man spent the night as there was a big day ahead of them. Early The next morning Bernard awoke, struggling to stand .”Who are you” Bernard asked the man “the names Joseph” replied the man with a grey hairy beard. They all went outside and hopped onto the dragon .When they took of a strange and unusual person stood under the dragon. Thoughts filled Bernard’s head. “was that father?” thought Bernard .Bernard’s father hadn’t been found for ages, he was missing for 3 months. When they all got back from searching Bernard went straight to his room to sob .Well it wasn’t a proper room it was a sheet of plastic around him splitting up the room.”Are you ok?”questioned Joseph a little vexed .

“ yes” said Bernard trying to act tough.

The next day Bernard went out searching for his father ,finally he came to the forest .There was a tiny cabin Bernard told the dragon to go down so the dragon did as was told. Bernard knocked on the cabin door a woman answered  “is James there “Bernard asked ,suddenly James appeared “dad “shouted Bernard overwhelmed .The green and red spotted dragon did a roar then flew  off. Bernard went into the house a hot fire filled the room, misted covered the tiny amount of windows .

Jacy – 5R St Francis CofE Primary School, Swindon

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The Dragon’s Den

Bernard rushed into the house and locked the doors.  He quickly ran to the dark and mossy basement. Bernard began to dash down the stairs when the dragon ripped the hut from its foundations. It was thrown miles across the landscape, far and wide. Bernard shut the trap door and locked it from the inside. Bernard rushed down the cracked slimy stone brick stairs and when he finally reached the basement, everything went quiet no dragons roaring just dead silence.


The dragon must have headed north back to his cave. Bernard sighed in relief but he had never really gone to the dragon’s cave Bernard had to get his farther back, But all of a sudden a vision of his dad appeared on a stall it said to him “Bernard my son I think you are finally ready to take the dragon head on take this sword made by the elf guardians, take it and fight the dragon to its grave. Bernard took the sword in belief and took as much equipment as he could carry and set off on his journey. Bernard checked his compass and started heading north.


Bernard started heading north when he stopped and starred at a trail of bones and broken swords he started following the trail and then the trail stopped, Bernard looked up and saw he was in a dark forest with a man trying to defend himself from bats Bernard hadn’t used his sword yet but he swined it as hard as he could at the bats, and hit every single one of them.  The man thanked him and they became good friends Bernard told him his name and the other man told him his, his name was jack. Bernard explained he was going after the dragon to get his dad back. Jack asked if he could come along and reluctant he said “yes” and they both carried down the path talking to each other about themselves, but as they were walking down the cobble road they saw a Cave could it be the cave of The Dragon.


As they were just about to the cave he saw a note on the floor he picked it up.

Dear my son


It has come to my attention that you have finally come to the cave to try and slay the dragon I have been hiding from the dragon in his cave but I set up this letter so you will know I am ok.

Dear you


Bernard turned around and his partner was no were to be seen Bernard looked behind him he saw his friend run away across the horizon. Bernard looked down the cave, and stepped forward into the darkness, but as he stepped in a chill echoed around his spine as if there was a bag of ice molded into his back. But he bravely carried on walking through the dark and dismal cave. After a few more steps he makes it to the dragons den he stared at the dragon deeply and the dragon just stared right back at him  the dragon started breathing an inferno of fire hurtled towards him and Bernard jumped up and dogged the fire and threw his sword at the dragons heart the dragon flew to the floor with a massive thump. Bernard’s dad then came rushing to him and they hugged each other tightly, then they both left the cave together and celebrated at their house but back at the cave the dragons eyes opened and they showed the infernos burning in his eyes he had never died at all.

David – 5R St Francis CofE Primary, Swindon

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The Dark Rider

Drifting snow powdered the dark desolate forest, smothering the silent earth like a polar bear’s coat. Bernard peered out of the window from his little stone hut, wondering if he would ever see his father’s familiar face again!

The full moon stared through the skeletal trees like a knowing eye. At that moment, he heard the rhythmic beating of wings. Scanning the skies, Bernard could just make out a scaly shadow. Was it the dragon?


The dismal shadow lurked overhead. The treacherous dragon swooped down and into the gnarled forest. A trail of heat left questions to all, why a fire dragon would live in such a cold place like this? Bernard was fearless, he stood strong when hurt. For he was a slayer, a dragon slayer.


With a bow and arrow at his side, and a knife bare in his hand, he set out to slay the beast that once had role over the land, side by side with his father. He pulled his hood over his face, the dark rider was back. He ran, not looking back darting past trees, hiding in the shadows, playing in the wind. He heard the beat of wings, however, the dragon was nowhere to be seen. Nowhere. He searched high and low, until she came, Seren the hunter. She dropped gracefully from the tree to the unearthly ground.


She sprung to attack Bernard. He was caught off guard and was strewn across the forest floor. He launched an arrow directly at Seren, she ducked, dodging the shot. Continuous shots hurtled at Seren pinning her to a tree “It’s going to take more than that to stop me.”

“Oh but I’m not finished!”Seren yelled dropping through the floor.

“This is bad, very bad!” He ran, for he knew what was going to happen. Bernard ran and emerged into a field and stopped. The field was covered in snow however, it alone, was peaceful and untouched, undisturbed by the bewildering surroundings of the forest.


A thud brought him back to earth and made him realise the danger he had put himself in. Being in an open space made an easy target for a hungry fire dragon… the blazing inferno hurtled towards him, spiting flames and beating its wings the signal of lunch and Bernard was on the menu. However he stood strong raised his knife in anger and dismay. Slicing franticly only denting the solid wall of scales and flames that protect the beast that lay before, him claiming his dignity. Suddenly the dragon collapsed, a memorable figure stood solitary.


Bernard sat slumped in his chair, his father sat opposite.

Eden – 5R – St Francis CofE Primary School, Swindon

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The End

Bernard rushed into the hut, beads of sweat trickled down his face. His one form of defence was a sword, stained by the blood of dragons. ‘The Dragon Slayer’ was the name gifted to Bernard’s father. He was trained in the art, he was considered a hero. A blood-curdling screech echoed across the vast land as a burning hot poker seared through the roof of the hut, burning the living inhabitants.

His sword raised, Bernard leaped out the door of his home, or at least the remains of his home. Dragons have retractable claws that can rip an untrained human to shreds. Bernard cried in agony as a brutally swift strike struck him to the ground. Even the pressure of his hand positioned over his wound did nothing to still the flowing blood. Despite the crimson liquid drifting down his chest, he steadily raised himself from the floor.

A fast yet furious motion brought Bernard onto the back of the most deadly creature to roam the lands. LY, he dropped his blade into the dragons neck, forcing it to the ground. “I speak for my father.” Bernard was confident in declaring, “You are banished from this land.” In the distant horizon, millions of miles away, a few hundred thousand animals were sprinting to the most comfort bringing feast to have ever existed. The flesh of a dragon is the most reviving meat a living being can eat, so much so that even the God’s feast upon it.

Elvish people invited people from across the kingdom to praise and bless Bernard, even though he refused to attend. He never appreciated praise from those whom don’t know him. But the elves were loyal and tracked him down. The God’s sent gifts to Bernard, food of the God’s, magical powers of great value. However, he took nothing, accepted nothing. His way of fighting was no different to his Father’s, he only used what was his.

Smoke danced up and out through the mouth of the cave, its fumes burning the nostrils of any passers-by. Bernard came around the corner of the snow-blanketed mountain, his sword glinting in the moonlight. A steady sound of a heart beat could be heard the second a soul reached dragons peak. No-one would ever dare to cross the barrier of blizzard crossing, not even to reach the gates to heaven. For a dragon lived in the depths of a harsh, cruelly cold pit. Long strides brought Bernard quickly to the bed of a mother and her child…

Fear struck Bernard coldly as a fiery eye opened like a volcano erupting. He knew the danger of catching a dragon in the midst of its den. Not a single living soul had ever trekked to the height of such dangerous, perilous, humanely impossible to survive madness. Quick as a flash, Bernard’s blade was yanked from its sheath, struck into the beasts head. A small man emerged, his body frail and limp. Bernard knew of the possibility that human beings could transfer their soul binding into the body of a dragon. It was dangerous but people were sick and needed something to do with their life.

– Finley, 5R – St Francis CofE Primary School

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My Story by Valentins

The ruby red , scaly ,monstrous dragon was gilding through the dark blue sky. uddenly the creature disappeared into thin air.Bernard was amazed, he could not believehis eyes . Bernard decided to explore the area. Bernard went to a cave where there was a ginormous egg . One egg cracked open and  there was a dragon inside…


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Serlby Park Academy – Miss Brown

It had been months since he had seen his beloved farther; the sorrow surrounded him, it was too much for him to bear. Packing his bags, zipping his coat, he was ready… the future awaits his arrival.

Crunch, crunch, crunch,  every time he heard those sounds, he swung himself round hoping to see his father, only to realise it was his own cold, frost-bitten feet. The loneliness made him insane. Foot prints scoured the snow for miles, until; the poor boy could go on no more. Even though he was in his late teens, he felt like a bewilder child.

In the distance he could see a rocky, dilapidated, dusty hut. It looked run down… ruined, however, it was the only shelter he had. He ran. He couldn’t stop; every fall only spurred him on to go faster. Pictures flashed through his head, his farther, what lie inside the hut. He collapsed! He couldn’t go on. The snow enveloped him like a letter. He was trapped in his own bubble of utter fear.  Breath left him. His fingers turned black with earth shuddering coldness. He would never find the one he loved the most now. Or maybe he would, in the land of clouds…



Bernard had tragically lost his father in the previous blizzard, even though it seemed to of calmed down, he still feared to step outside. As a result of this, Bernard had no chance of ever seeing his untraceable father. He paced back and forth, thinking of a possible way to get out of the situation. “What would father do?” he thought, suddenly an almighty BANG came from what seemed to be a frying pan, Bernard stepped forward.  A monstrous, hairy beast leapt up. Its belly looked fat but still, hungry. Maybe Bernard’s dad got taken away, not lost?


Earlier that day, Bernard has just woke the floor was covered in snow. “Dad, dad look at the snow!” shouted Bernard it has been ages since there has been snow around where they live “I know it’s wonderful” dad said not knowing what was going to happen. It is half way through the day now and Bernard and his dad was just going in for their lunch when Bernard heard a noise “what’s that!” Bernard said curiously “I’ll go check stay here” said the dad and walked away. It has been hours since dad has checked what the noise is and he hasn’t returned Bernard loses hope.

Present time, Bernard goes to scan the area he sees a nearby cave maybe he went there he thought he got his pocket knife and wander curiously to the cave. Finally he was stood in front of the dark gloomy cave feeling the cold breeze strike his face he sees a hunched figure in the corner “dad!” he screamed not knowing it was actually a man eating husky they it crawled towards him as his friends gathered Bernard strikes all the husky except the puppy because his dad was dead he took the puppy for company and brought it up and named it bandit.


The thought of never seeing his father again sent a chill through Bernard’s spine. The forest became cold and so did he, the facts the figures that filled his head made his bottom lip tremble. He lingered to his tiny hut, sobbing, full of pain and that’s before his nightmare… Snow falling, swords’ slashing it was so realistic the way it was set outside of the hut there was an injured man, Bernard’s father!

“NOOOOO!” Bernard screamed, sitting up in his bed – it was his nightmare… Thinking how can he have such a dream when his father is in America? The War – swords, grenades, Bernard came to reality… Lonely, so lonely he had no one to come to his sorrows since his dad left .

Later that day a mysterious man came to his doorstep with a sad face.

“So sorry.” He said passing Bernard a letter. He walked off Bernard sat on the couch and read the letter. Tears strolled down his face. His Father had died…

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Niall’s story st.josephs

The icy wind howled as a thunderous roar echoed. Misty out lines appeared almost everywhere. The rhythm suddenly changed faster and faster it whispered, horror dripped down his craggy face. The beasts face seemed to fill with exultation as the clouds hollowed in, he glanced out lighting had struck twice! The beast or the beast’s wrapped there dark scaly tails around the frale old house, he ducked down oblivious to the happening.  Shadows lurked every were suddenly he herd the soothing voice was it?

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My story by Krishna and Karolina

It was a dragon coming to wards Bernard. The dragon glared at the little lovely  house. Bernard saw the ruby red dragon  and hid under the table but the dragon saw him. Suddenly the dragon flew towards him and smashed it all down but the Bearnard ran out of the house even before the dragon smashed the house down. Meanwhile Bernard  was running, the dragon was crying because he only wanted to open the door and ask him to go to the party today. Then the dragon flew after  Bernard, he ran as quick as possible, he turned around to  see if the dragon was still there. After that  Bernard tripped over. The dragon stopped and said “please come to my party tomorrow, it can be today if you want.” Then Bearnard  turned around and whispered “yes if  you don’t eat me.”

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My Story. By Demi and Aimee.

As Bernard ran through the charcoal black forest, he almost tripped over into the stream but as he fell a jet black dragon came and saved him just in the nick of time. Bernard whispered into the beautiful dragon’s ear, “Arrggh!! Who are you, what are you?” The dragon cried and said, “I just wanted a friend, i’m a dragon and my name is Jet.” Bernard replied, “They called you Jet because you are a gorgeous sable black dragon, you are kind whatever anyone says just don’t listen to them, I love you.” Bernard hugged his new best friend and stroked his forehead. When Bernard heaved up his head, he couldn’t see anything except Jet and the white world. Jet swooped and dodged the trees ahead of them. An icy blizzard was coming towards them “Oh no!” shouted Jet, “You can’t fly in blizzards, can you Jet?” stated Bernard. “No I can’t fly in blizzards but i’m a fire breathing dragon, I can breathe fire on it to burn down the ice.” So Jet burned the ice and they both lived together, happily in a snow cave.

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My story by Noemi Monks Abbey

Was it the dragon? Shocked and scared, Bernard look up into the sky, yes it was the dragon. Bernard ran towards his bedroom but he could still hear the dragon behind. Bernard locked his bedroom door and hid underneath his bed. After a while Bernard was searching for the dragon”What am I going to do?” whispered Bernard. Then Bernard crept down out of the house. “Am strong enough to kill the dragon?”cried Bernard. He was that scared to say anything else. Bernard slowly went behind the dragon and he did not make any nose and then BAM! Bernard killed the dragon the blood was on ever where. Now Bernard was that brave that he never ever be scared again.

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My Story by Oliwia and friend MONKS ABBEY PRIMARY SCHOOL

Gradually, sneakily ,  the dragon flew down to earth. Shocked , frightened Bernard sat on his bed holding his pillow tight. Suddenly, Bernard heard a noise, it was the dragon breathing slowly. Bernard had enough, so he got his sharp, shiny sword and jumped out of the window.  He heard cries, it was the dragon. Bernard looked at the dragon and said “don’t cry ” the dragon replied “I just got lost and you scared me with your sword.  Everyone does this to me, I am a good dragon I never eat a person. Every dragon does eat people, but I don’t.”

He put down his sword and said ” you know what I think I will be your friend” the dragon looked at Bernard  ” Oh, thank you very much” shouted the dragon as he squeezed Bernard ” and I nearly forgot to induce my  self ” said Bernard, ” my name is Bernard” “well that’s a nice name my name is Smoky the dragon” replied smoky ” that’s a nice name too” Smoky let Bernard go on his back and showed him his cave Smoky even let him live in his cave so they would help each other and that’s how Smoky and Bernard became friends the end.

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MY STORY by Whitby Abbey

The scaled dragon roared as loud as a volcano erupting! Whilst the dragon roared Bernard looked through the little hut’s window to see what the horrible noise was. The dreadful noise was the monstrous dragon appearing out of the little hut’s window as if he were a robber or a spy. The monstrous dragon was as tall as the highest mountain in the world. Just then Bernard came out with a really sharp sword and copped the dragon’s head off.

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My Story – by Ben and Chakarna

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My story by Courtney and Kian

Yes it was a red ruby dragon coming straight towards him. Bernard was completely scared because it was a fire breathing dragon . Bernard  ran upstairs  to the safety of his bedroom and tried to go to sleep he hoped that this had all been a bad dream. After a while Bernard slowly opened one eye and he was in the dragons cave.He was surrounded by scary old dragon and  in the corner there was a weekly small dragon getting picked on and Bernard saw it and slowly walked to towards it and hugged it and it became Bernard’s  friend.

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My story by Jacob, Jack and Whitby

 Was it the dragon? It was the dragon flying swiftly across the clouds and then it breathed fire out of its burning mouth with teeth as sharp as bread  Bernard knives. The dragon was as  fast as a Bugatti Veron Super-sport, as fast as a ferrari. Bernard was stunned at the dragon, it ripped of the roof and took Bernard with him by the mouth! Far far away  from his home he found himself in a dark gloomy cave.

 The dragon dropped Bernard and then Bernard made a fire. After that he barbecued some Lincoln shire sausage which the dragon produced. Bernard, who was startled,thought to himself That if he carved a dagger he could control the dragon into  making it fly home. So he got some Flintstones and carved a stupendously beautiful dagger which was so sharp a single touch will cut your finger off.Bernard pointed the dagger at the dragon.The dragon was scared stiff but Bernard only just realised that he done wrong so he through the dagger away and gave the rest of the Lincoln shire sausages to the dragon and them he named the dragon Burny.

                                                          The end

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My story by Eternity & Daniel & Kiyla

The scaly , ugly and horrible dragon  flew to Bernard’s beautiful  and snowy  house. The dragon landed in front of the house and knocked on the door and said” let me in or  I shall  burn your house down with my fiery breath”.Then Bernard opened the door and was scared.After that the dragon burnt the beautiful house down.Finally  the  dragon flew away with Bernard.

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My story by Toby and a friend

As the dragon flew over the old creepy hut Bernard cried. It roared like a volcano exploding!! It flew round and round waiting for Bernard to come out the isolated hut. Bernard was terrified. He had no choice but to go out with his diamond sword and have a battle! The dragon swooped down. Bernard  and the dragon had a long battle  Bernard stroked the dragons head and chopped it off. He had won! Bernard felt amazing, he had no fear at all now. That night Bernard could sleep and he lived happly ever after.


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Rene St. Josephs

Parcelling the  silhouette in a magnolia envelope of mist, tongues of twilight poured over the inky  out line.  Eyes of envious marvel immersed back into the panic and pain. Stumbling over fallen books, he searched for a safe haven.  The growing fear was unleashed  inside him without the comfort of his fathers familiar face he was alone.

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Dragon ELHW

Walking with fear, Bernard inched towards the scaley silhouette. The terrifying shadow began to emerge metres away from Bernard. Cautiously, reaching his hand out, Bernard made contact with bark like skin in shock.

Mellow fog lay longingly in front of Bernard and the unusual creature, With a loitering movement he took his hand off.

Oozing with raspberry red blood, Bernard’s duck like hands clenched a fist. He looked up and the figure was gone in a flash…

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Dragon Adventure

One hot summer day a girl called Kerry climbed a tree. In a hole in the bottom of the tree she found an enormous egg. Gently she rolled it out and placed it on her wagon. when she got home she wrapped it in a blanket and read a story to it. The egg got hotter and hotter. As the moon rose the egg began to shake. CRACK! Out of the egg popped a baby dragon. Kerry was paralysed with amazement. “Cheep, cheep,” went the baby dragon as it scurried under the bed.

Over the next week Kerry taught the dragon to fly, breathe fire and fight naughty knights. One night, as Kerry was dreaming of adventures, the dragon flapped his wings and woke her. Kerry knew what he wanted. Quickly, she bounced three times on her bed and landed on the dragon’s back. Whoosh , out of the window they flew. As they soared across the dark sky the dragon grew and grew! further and further they flew until they reached a tall tower surrounded by a stinky, stagnant moat. Suddenly lightning flashed and as they swooped down they saw an old, warty wizard with spells crackling from his wand. A family of dragons shrank to the size of chickens. “Aha. I will roast you for my dinner,” he cackled. He turned around to light his barbeque. Quick as a flash the dragon turned invisible.

“Wow, how did you do that?” exclaimed Kerry. In the blink of an eye the wizard had snatched the magicla wand and waved it at the wizard who shrank. Smaller and smaller and smaller he shrank until he was the size of a grape. From out of nowhere came an army of ants who picked up the tiny wizard and carried him into the forest.

Kerry and the dragon flew home where they told each other stories about their adventures.

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Emerald: Not expected

Bernard  was scared, he didn’t know what was going to happen. The dragon said he was coming to help but Bernard didn’t know how. He just hoped that he didn’t have to wait long to see his fathers friendly face again. The sillouete got closer and closer the humongus wings stopped beating and the creature,what ever it was,was slowly drifting to the ground. The dragon landed very noisly as it was to be herd all over the world. The dragon knocked almost every thing over with his long shiny,green tail. Bernard approached him carefully slowly trying to calm him down .But it was no use the dragon was getting even more angry.There was only one thought in Bernards head: RUN!!!!

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Friday 5th July 2013
There was a dragon is in the shadow ready to grow. Then the giant dragon flew down to the person.He missed the person from miles then he flew up.The dragon is big then a plane and a bus on top of each over.The dragon was so sleepy he fell on the next person.

It’s tail is so strong it can wipe out 50 helicopter.Bernard was extremly scared. So he was so scared he weed his pants.The dragon was so good to the villagers so they are very nice to the dragon.


It will go to a different world

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Dragons – J.M

Was it the dragon? Yes it was the terrifying, ferocious dragon! Beathing fire from its lungs with a cloud of smoke following i  its trail. The terrible, scaley, red, flesh eating, body munching dragon with blood stained teeth stared at him! Its demonic, horrendous talons almost scared Bernard to death. It was soaring through the snow. Bernard quickly realised that the dragon hadn’t in fact seen him yet. He sighed with relief. He guessed  the dragon was going back to its dark, scary, creepy and damp cave in the mountains. Out of curiousity, he followed the dragon into the mountains. Around an hour later, he arrived at a cave in the moutains. He crept into the cave, making sure that the dragon wasn’t aware of his presence. The rotting smell of  dead bodies filled the air inside the cave. Suddenly, from the corner of Bernard’s eye he saw his father’s blood covered dead body on a spike, in the corner of the room.  Bernard fell to his knees with sadness and pain. He knew that the dragon had done this and then he filled with hatred and anger, he suddenly stood up and pulled out a sharp, blood covered sword. He had no fear of the dragon or the dangerous cave anymore All those emotions had been replaced with anger.

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Emerald – The beginning

Scared, shocked, worried, Bernard froze still, as the dragon like shadow floated  closer and closer…

Sweat trickled down Bernard’s forehead. Pumping furiously, his heart was pounding faster than the speed of light. Suddenly, the eerie shadow raced towards him. Bernard leaped into the air and darted out of his tiny stone hut and sprinted across the soft, feathery snow…


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When the dragon approached; Bernard was sizzled like a sausage to smithereens. What a sad, sad, shame. He tried to run away to his little stone hut but he couldn’t. His stone hut was empty… Another sad, sad shame. His father suddenly appeared out of the dark, gloomy trees. He was shocked when Bernard was gone! “WHERE HAVE YOU GONE BERNARD?!!!!!” he yelled as loud as he could. Bernard’s father saw a head poking out of the little stone hut… It was the dragon’s! Bernard’s father was sizzled like a sausage to smithereens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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yes it was a dragon

The rhythmic beating stopped, and he heard stomping.  At this precise moment, he saw a shadow cast over him nearly five times as big as him. It was definitely a dragon! Suddenly, the ground started to shake, he glanced around and without warning, he saw he his house burn to smithereens. With his eyes glued to the remains of the blazing house, he hardly noticed the ground crumble apart right before his fire reflecting eyes. Out of the corner of Bernard’s eye I suddenly saw the parted ground there was: crushed up elevenses; bones from before he was born!

















































































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The Ancient Stone…

Bernard knew he had to think fast, the majestic sound of beating wings filled his ears, making him think; think of things he didn’t want to know…

Memories of the past came flooding back, the way his parents had left him. What for? Nothing. He didn’t know what to do, run and lose or face the beast, earn the stone, then die.

Bernard didn’t have much time, he had to make a decision before it was too late! He knew what he had to do. He would stay and face this grotesque and formidable monster, grab the stone and even though he was sure to die, surely someone would find him and save everyone before it was too late.

It was like a dream he had had previous days before, like dave ja vue. Except in the dream,he had defeated the monster, but he knew there was no way that was going to happen, even the thought of it was improbable, impossible.

But no, he had to think positive, if he thought he would fail, he would, there was no doubt about that. The monster was coming exceptionally close. Bernard was gearing up, getting ready to face this blood – curdling beast. His hand was far outstretched, then, all of a sudden they were face to face.

Bernard reached out and snatched the necklace from this monster’s neck and sure enough this thing lurched out and killed him

And that was the end of Bernard…

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The Dragon

Slowly walking Bernard heard footprints creeping up behind him… A shiver went up Bernard’s spine. The Dragon floundered in the dark creeping up behind people frightening and terrifying little kids and babies!!!!!! Fire in his eyes, breathing heavily as Bernard turned around there it was, The Feriocous Beast

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Emerald class

All of a sudden a blanket of silence fell upon the mystical forest. Bernard froze, he had just heard a thump, only a few yards away from where he was standing.

Heat swarmed around him as a crack formed in the glinting ground. A huge lump of melted water fell from the crest of the stone hut that had before been snow. Suddenly he heard a ear splitting foot steps inching forward from behind him …

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The dragon1234512345

A shiver ran up Bernard’s spine like a cold hand pressing against his fragile skin. He needed to find his father, quick to inform him of the dragon. Locking the door behind him,Bernard, heard a screeching sound coming from the red as blood sky. He turned to look at the sky. Searching the sky for the dragon, he heard another screech coming from the forest then followed by a scream from a man that sounded just like his dad’s. He was petrified; he stood transfixed at the place the yelling had come from. At that moment a rustling sound came from the bushes and a tall man came out, muttering something under his breath…

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Emerald dragon

Bernard watched closely as the shadow moved towards him.  Suddenly the world fell silent, apart from the gentle pattering of the magic snow.  The finger-like branches on the trees were watching everything closely.  The white circular moon was staring from the sky.  Suddenly a huge breath of burning flame appeared from nowhere!  Bernard jumped.  The world that was previously white was now melted.  It was the dragon, the earth shook with fright!

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Emerald epic123

The ice,cold wind dashed swiftly threw the once blue sky.Bernard was scared now knowing that there was a fire breathing dragon anywhere in the deep clouded sky.Every step he took he thought more deeply will I ever find my dad what would happen if I ever found my dad will I save him? Three questions were popping up into his head all the time while glaring at the once wonderful sky. Suddenly dark fell upon the sky for a moment it was silent but silence doesn’t stay for long , after less than a minuet aloud bang came threw the air …

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Yes, it was the dragon! It was big and red and it looked extremely angry. Beranrd was too scared to even look out of the window. He went out to the back garden to get a closer look, making sure that he wasn’t seen. Bernard thought he looked hungry. Could Bernard be his Sunday dinner? Bernard went out to the front garden to get a closer, hiding behind a bush. As soon as the dragon was about to leave, Bernard shouted, “Stop don`t go!” The dragon turned around and snarled at Bernard.  The dragon went in for a bite, but he stopped and started to lick Bernard’s face.  Bernard thought he was going to die, but the dragon wasn’t hungry, he was lonely. He had been lonely for hundreds of years. As the dragon was licking his face,  Bernard noticed that the dragon was hurt. He tried  to lead the dragon around to his back garden to bandage him up. Would he be safe?

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The scaly shadow drew nearer. Bernard didn’t what know to do! He took a closer glance and, to his horror, it was a dragon! The dragon drew nearer. Bernard tried to move, but he was rooted to the spot. The dragon flew so close to the ground, he could of picked Bernard. And he did. Only when he was high in the air, he knew how to move. But, the problem was, if Bernard was to move now he would plummet to his death.

But then, the dragon dropped him. He fell and fell… he was plunging to his death. “Help! I’m plummeting to my death!” Bernard cried, when he landed in a pond. “What an astonishing stroke of luck,” he laughed “I was going to die!” Then, he swam to the other side of the pond. Bernard had never felt so lucky before.

Then he saw the dragon, cuddling up in the snow. He swam quicker, because it looked as though he was hurt. Then, the dragon flew off. He pulled himself on to the shore. Next, he started to plan his way home, if it hadn’t already been destroyed by a crazy DRAGON. He hoped it hadn’t.

He imagined his mother, all alone, missing him and his father, when a crazy dragon destroyed her hut. He decided to banish that thought from his mind, and Bernard continued to walk. After a while, he heard some rustling in the trees. Bernard froze. Next, he heard a scream.

He tore open the bush, and found… a magical portal. Questions were zooming around in his head! Should he go in? Should he save the poor person in trouble? Would he be able to come back? Is the person luring him in? Would his mother be searching and be scared when she couldn’t find him?… he decided to go in.

He found a dragon about to eat a young girl. Without a second thought, he threw a rock at the dragons eye. The girl had a relieved look on her face.”Thank you!” She said “I was going to be eaten by a dragon!” The dragon moaned. The girl went closer to make sure he was okay. But the dragon then flew off.

“What’s your name?” She asked. Bearnard replied “Bernard. My name’s Bernard.” The girl laughed. “My name’s Bernadette. Where are you from?” “Through that mystic portal, over there.”Bernard boasted. 

“Oh!” Bernadette exclaimed “I’m from there. I used to be someone’s twin sister, but I was captured, and forced into this portal. My twin was called Bernard, so you could be him.” They laughed. “Do you live in a stone hut?” She laughed, sarcastically. “Yes.” Replied Bernard. Bernadette’s eyes narrowed. “Do you?” She asked, looking serious. “Yes” He said “I do.”

Bernadette screamed. “Take me there, please!” Before you could blink, Bernadette was pulling Bernard out the portal.  “This way” Bernadette was being lead by her newly found tour guide, Bernard. Finally, he was there. “Now we’re here. This is it. Finally.” Bernadette gasped “I used to live here!”

Now, I can belong to a family again! Mom, Dad and…  “WRONG! Oh, Bernadette. Dad went ages ago. “What!?” Yelled Bernadette! “You are joking! No!”  “What’s that ri…” Bernaderd’s Mom came out. “Bernadette?” Bernard’s mom whispered “Bernard’s mother turned to Bernard. “Where was she?”

“Oh, mother!” Interrupted Bernadette. “Bernard said that father went ages ago…” Bernadette narrowed her eyes. “Is that true?” “Yes, I’m afraid it is.” Replied her mother. “Oh.” Said Bernadette. Bernard’s mother went inside.

“We’ve got to find him NOW” Whispered Bernadette, angrily. “OK, OK, OK, OK. Keep your hair on. We’ll find him alright.” Bernard whispered back “Just follow my lead, and you’ll be fine. Don’t worry, we will find dad. I found you, didn’t I?” “I guess so.” Mumbled Bernadette. “What was that?” Asked Bernard, even though he knew the answer like the back of his hand. “You know what I said.” “Okay, but lets find him tommorow.”


The End!

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Shadow Dragon by K,L, and S

The deep ocean lit moon shimmered up in the sky
With a white crystal cloud that stood an anxious but ferocious dragon. His ruby red mouth fired flames: it flew among the little boys house.The dragon stretched his wings, without warning Bernard’s house was long gone from the crispy red fire.
Bernard felt ashamed of his lack of curige agensted the dragon he just realelized that he had to get revenge.Suddenly Bernerd eyes went rosey red and set off
With lots of anger he steamed down through the woods where the dragon was sleeping.Berned stepped in bound of the dragons den.
At that moment Berned pulled out his razor sharp shimmering blade but then Bernerd steped on a crunchy green leaf.At that moment the dragon’s eyelid shot up and flew into the duel. Bernerd tryed to stab him,the dragon dogged the silver blade without warning the dragon stole his blade Bernerd dived over the dragon.
He killed the dragon finnaly.

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Sophie and Kye-Year 5 Highbank, Nottingham

Bernard looked up and gasped, he saw a dragon flying in the colourful sky, it was so high up that he struggled to see how big it was! The dragon had beady eyes that were staring right into Bernard’s own worry filled eyes. Vast wings belonging to the dragon appeared to fill the whole of the forest. The dragon was as big as twelve schools (and by the looks of it it could probably eat twelve schools!). Bernard could hear the waft of the humongous dragon’s wings as they glided through the cold air. Clearing the pure white snow off the rusty, old window, Bernard tried to open the window. Eventually it opened. Sniffing the cold air, the dragon could sense Bernard’s fresh flesh, ‘Hmmm, tasty’. Bernard stepped onto the roof of his little stone hut and carefully walked towards the ladder that was left leaning against the fragile building. Slowly, climbing down the ladder, Bernard was filled with a feeling that should never be felt by a 10 year old boy. He wondered if he took one step away from the comfort of his home, would his life be over? Strangely, something inside him encouraged him to do it. Instantly, Bernard realised that the dragon was no longer a threat to him.

The dragon bent down and curled up like a ball. He was trying to show Bernard that he could be trusted. With his head bowed down he beckoned Bernard to jump up on his scaly tail. Without hesitating Bernard climbed on, knowing that he was going to see his Father. Was his Father alive?

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myths in the sky

There was something; something deadly in the red mists of the sky above…

I thought that one of them was enough! The mist cleared and I could see whole army of them! The dragons flew down, their flaming amber eyes fixed on me, Petrified so much that I couldn’t move…riding them were trolls! Their eyes, blood shot, their skin crumpled and dry.

the leader troll jumped of his dragon. His battered leather boots landed heavily on the rocky ground. He bellowed a huge battle cry… Bernard didn’t know what to do. His heart was with jumping of the life tacking cliff but his head was with fighting these cruel creatures….



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Is it the dragon?

The black shadow slowly inched towards simon it’s doing loop to loops wow it’s gone mad crazzy it’s insane.  Woooow it’s coming towards Simon at full speed. ARRRRRRRRR! He screamed as the dragon swooped down and grabbed him.
The dragon was flying for two days straight! All of a SPLASH! The dragon had dropped him into a small, cold lake.Simon was shivering like mad! There was some something dragging him out! Was it the dragon
No it was his dad ! “Dad “Simon screamed! All of a sudden the dragon got him and took him the journey started again ….
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Mia, Brooke and Owen’s year 5 Highbank Nottingham.

Bernard’s heart was beating like an African drum. The beating of the wings stopped. He turned and took two steps forward, towards his bed. There was a titanic growl from above. It lasted about one extremely long minute, then there was an even longer silence until there was another growl (but this time it was even louder). BANG!

Bernard rushed to the glass window, he saw an enormous purple dragon as big as a school lying down in pain.”Is he OK?” Bernard thought as he saw the the dragon’s purple beady eyes staring back at him. As Bernard worried about the evil looking dragon, he clambered out of a hole next to the window. Accidentally, he tumbled down the old wooden ladder, then he took 12 painful rolls forward and then he noticed that he was lying on the dragon’s 14 metre bony wing. He was relaxed for a moment then the dragon’s wing instantly folded, tipped up and then unfolded… Bernard was no where to be seen!

Where was Bernard ? What happened to him?

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Then the house went up in flames the door fell down and the glass was shaterd .Burnerd was nowhere to be seen Burnerd was under a buch of rocks .Burnerd was  full  of cuts .  The  dragon was chucerlin  at the way   Burnerd  was under  the rocks.Burnerd saw his father on the dragons back his father  said hop on its a cool ride so thay both went  on a dragon ride and picked up all the snow and bult a better house .

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“yes it is the fearsome death killing machine  dragon  oh no” . Hes heading  toward him  in  the fastest  he ever saw it was  that fast it nearly took him off  his feet .


He stepped  back and   triped on a rock he fell back he  slammed the he turned beind   him their  was   the  dragon snithing around   he smout fire  the dgagon walked  away  but  got trapped in the  bunt  tree he    was      safe and he lived  in a peaceful life

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It was a Dragon with flaming breath a Dragon with very big wings Bernard had lived on his silf for a long time.

one day Bernard saw a Dragon aming rite for him and his house his house was smashed to litle bits.

After that he wanted to bild a house made of stone.

Next time the Dragon came it went after Bernards new house but the Dragons flam was not strong enough after 1 hour the Dragon got bord so he gon awey and saw a hunter and the hunter saw him and after one vs one war the Dragon died and lost.

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I think Bernard lived in the houes  on his own   and I think he loved his houes.

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The dragon brefed fire .Bernard seened the fire it was coming for him .So he got out of the house. It bund his home to bits. Like ash coming from a bom fire. He went to the woods trying to fined his farfre .Trying to fined him it was geting dark. so he made a shalter and fire but the dragon was stil looking for him. Bernard woke up next moning Bernard was looking for some food. he founed some mete on the flor .he woshed it by the lake he dindent no wear the mete cam from . e.g. like the dragon for   so he had brefst and he stil was looking for his dad .he saw flame mrkes it must be by the dragon .and ther are eggs they mite be just born .then ther was a crak. “The eggs are coming,” he siad nuvsley. Harf of the eggs has crakte. he was terfied of them. one dragon was a nuth. but this is just shtoupit he siad. then he saw his dad. he was behind the eggs.  Bernard got his dad  from bhined the eggs. then the dragon cam. it was brething fire. Bernard and his dad magned to get away and they never saw eney dragon again.

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Beyond the dragon flapping its heavy wings like its trying to get away, like its in battle getting back and surrendering. And all the people following it  and all the water is frozen. And if all of the people and enemy the ice frozen might get week and melt  and then kalapses on the horrible evil enemy. And the dragon goes back and burns all of the houses and then all the enemy goes NO. And he found his father on the floor.and the little boy said dad your hear ye.Iv missed you dad were have you been all this time

I have been in the forest killing all of the horrible evil enemy but atlas Im home.

Iv bin wondering around looking for you everywhere  in the deep dark forest. On the icy sea pf ft


what do you mean dad that my little boy is a dragon .


Yes my boy a  deadly dangerous dragon



I no my boy

Er er dad can you kill it or can you slay it can or can You get it away from this house or how can you get it away.

I do not know son I just do not know

Ok dad.

Sorry I think I might no

YEY youv got an idear

 I think I have AND I DEAFTLY NO NOW ?

Yey dad youve got an idear

All you have to do is get a nife and stab it

Ok then dad give me the nife

NO nifes are dangerous

What shell I youse then

You can rip his ear of ok

Ok then dad

Good boy son

I love you dad I love you to son

🙂 Ok dad

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!DAD THE DRAGON HAS SET THE ROOF ON FIRE





I hope your not playing a trick are you

No why come in side and get lodes of buckets of water .


To put the fire out

O are ye


Ok im on my whay.



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As it moved closer, Bernard could confirm that the scaly shadow was the Dragon. The very same Dragon that had captured his father not so long ago. When it had taken his father, Bernard had vowed to slay the Dragon. So Bernard brought out the sword, wooden shield, bow and quiver of arrows that lay in the corner of the hut and aimed an arrow at the Dragon. But it was to late! the dragon had already breathed fire and burnt his hut down.

Bernard released his arrow and hit the Dragon straight in the eye. The Dragon flew away, roaring in pain. The Dragon’s roars sounded suspiciously like: ” I’ll be back”, But Bernard had more on his mind than the Dragon: Where was he going to live? He journeyed to the mountains with his pet cat ,yolo ,who had managed to escape the fire to try and find a cave he could live in.

After some time, he found a little tunnel carved into the mountainside. “This has to be man made” thought Bernard as they stepped into the tunnel. He thought this because the walls were smooth, unlike most natural features, where the walls are rough. Soon, the floor began to slope,and winded round and round and down and down like a spiral staircase, and then, just when Bernard thought he would be sick with dizziness, it evened out into a cave. What they saw on the ground was worse than being sick with dizziness. Something was moving under a blanket in the corner.

It was a girl about Bernard’s age, but she seemed to be hurt. Her shoulder was bleeding very badly. “Are you all right?” Bernard asked her.” Stupid question to ask, really,”She replied. Bernard tore a strip of cloth from his tunic and wrapped it around her shoulder. “My name is Bernard. What’s your name?” he asked her. “Helen,” was her reply.”We need to get out of here, this is the lair of a Dragon.” “Or,” said Bernard “We could stay and fight the Dragon,and I could get my revenge for he must have eaten my father!”

It was a while until the Dragon came back, So Bernard and Helen talked. “How did you get here,” asked Bernard.”And my name is Bernard” “The Dragon brought me and my father here, ate my father, and forgot all about me,”she said.

Just then, there was a great SWOOSH as the Dragon flew into the cave through a hole Bernard hadn’t seen yet. Bernard threw Helen the bow and the quiver of arrows, and unsheathed the sword. He picked up the shield just in time to protect him from a blow from the dragon’s tail. Bernard ran at the Dragon’s soft underside with his sword in front of him, dodging the roaring flames coming from the Dragon’s mouth. He hit the dragon in the underside just as Helen shot an arrow into the Dragon’s working eye. The Dragon gave a huge groan and fell onto the rocky floor. They had slain the Dragon! Bernard and Helen decided that the cave would be a nice place to live, and they all lived happily ever after.

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Yes, it was the  dragon! It had yellow glowing eyes with bright green scales like he had never seen before. Bernard was trembling with fear What was he going to do? He held his breath and didn’t move a single bone in his body. The dragon came closer and closer to him, but he kept and still as a lampost. He could feel the dragon’s hot breath coming closer to him. He closed his eyes and wished that his dad would come and save him for this terrible nightmare. Then the drangon’s yellow eyes looked at Bernard. So, he crept to one side, but the dragon’s eye followed him wherever he went. He lay on the floor, shaking with fear. His only thought was what was the dragon going to do? Quickly,  Brenard made a run for his house, but the drangon had burned it down to a puff so smoke and a pile of ash.  Bernard buried himself himself in the snow and wonderd what the dragon was going to do next? Out of the wilderness, Bernard’s father appeared.  He had what he had wished for .

Staring up at the dragon, they could see his piercing yellow eyes, his bright green scales and his sharp pointed tail.  It was a slicing, burning, destroying, blazing and  ferocious dragon. As terrifing and sneaky as a snake. Empty hearted and as dark soled as a demon.

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Suddenly , the figure fell  to the floor ……….but then it started to shiver and change shape until it wasn’t a dragon at all. It was a great, big wolf , which howled and howled. SUDDENLY, it stopped. It had seen something that had made his face turn pale. It shivered so hard that it could barly stand on its four aching feet.  and then he fell in the snow.  Snow covered his body. Bernard slowly turned around,he was staring at the demonic eyes of  a ferocious beast. However, there was something special about this beast. It wasn’t just a dragon, it had five heads.  One breathed out ice, one fire, one lightning ,one rocks and the main head was black  Bernard could not guess what it breathed. Bernard ran as fast as he could……but while running away from the beast he fell in to a hole .Bernard waited until the dragon had past him. The chest was white with holy symbols on it Bernard opened the chest and found…a holy sword his father had a sword like this!  He climbed up with the sword there was something special about this sword and he hoped it would defeat the dragon.

  Suddenly, the dragon was behind him . He breathed out ice and fire and rocks and then the worst one of all darkness. Bernards sword glowed he slashed at the dragon with all his might it  fell to the ground with a mighty crash  and there shining like a diamond, was a light blue gem that came out of it and Bernard put it in his pocket and then whispered to himself…”  the adventure for my father has just begun…”



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Dragons- KJA

Benard peered around the corner and there he saw an enormous dragon with bright red and purple scales. It stomping around, making gigantic foot prints in the thick white snow. Benard didn’t move a bone. He was shaking throughout his whole body, he was scared stiffless. The dragon moved closer and closer towards Benard’s little hut. Closing his eyes, wished that his dad would come back to save him from this ferocious beas. Dad was taking a very long time and Benard was thinking to himself, ‘Is my dad ever going to come back, did this drangon eat my Dad?’ By now, the dragon was so close to the hut that  Benard was shaking in fear. Suddenly, he ran out of his little hut through the back door. By the time the dragon realised he was gone, it blew bright, burning orange and red flames from its fiery mouth, destroying Bernard’s little hut. Bernard didn’t have time to turn back as the dragon had already spotted him! He ran and ran until his little legs could carry him no more. By this time, the dragon was right behind him…

Bernard stared up at this  deadly eyed, mystical creature, with a ferocious gaze and destroying, smashing, lashing, bashing claws. He looked back with red blood eyes, which followed his every move It was as sly and sneaky as a snake.

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Bernard stepped out of his small stone hut to get a glimpes of the creature.He wondered why there was a tall figure standing on it.He had lost his father weeks ago while he went out to hunt and had never came back.As Bernard looked a little closer he saw that this figure was not standing up he had been captured!

Bernard sprinted carefully back into the house to fetch his binocluars to get an even better view.As he truged in the snow back out side he creature was gone.He had missed his chance to see it.And of course the figure.

He tip-toed sadly back into the house.He was very upset.It had been Bernards birthday the day his dad had left.Bernard peered around wondering where his present might be but as he looked around he found a letter it read

“Dear Bernard, I hope you like your presents please use them wisely I have sent you on a quest to kill the beast please take great care -Dad”

Tied to the note there was a series of different objects.Bernard layed them down gently on the table.There was a bow and some arrows, the sharpest sword Bernar had ever seen and last but not least a bottle full to the brim of glowing turquoise liquid.

But what had dad ment by beast? The dragon! of course it had been swooping around in the night for hours! This also must have ment though that the figure had a chance of being his dad.This made Bernard extremely fustrated.He wanted revenge on the dragon for capturing his dad.So he set of immedietly on his quest to slay the dragon.

Bernard wandered feeling slightly scared slowly into the desolate forest.It was getting cold and Bernard was tired so he made a camp on the hard dry ground.When he woke up it was 7:00am he went out to find some food as his dad always used to go hunting and not him he wasn’t very experienced.He got out his spears and his sack and set off to go hunting.He soon found a herd of dears and took them all down easily.He headed back to his camp and collected some nearby firewood.He walked the short distance home and set up his fire ready to cook his meat.

He remembered how his dad used to feed him roast deer every Friday and how it would always be an hour it was ready to eat.He was starving by now but atleast he had a great feast infont of him.When he had eaten this feast of a breakfast Bernard carried on his journey.

He soon found a path although scarily the one his dad went down.He found a cottage he looked inside this was not a nomal cottage though.He opened the door his heart racing as he did it.Slowly he stepped in.It was very dark.He stepped on something long and scaly.He stood there for a short amount of time till ‘SNAP!’.He quickly took out some flint and steel from his back-pack and rubbed them together quickly.

Sooner or later a light popped up.He shined the light on his leg.He was wounded.He peeked  into his bag and found his bandages.He wrapped his leg in the bandages and carried on his adventure.He went down the tunnel being careful not to slip.That would be bad cause of his injured leg.

He got to the end of the tunnel and found a door too small for him to fit through.He found a hammer near by and hacked the sides of the wall around it.He soon made a hole big enough for him to fit through.He crawled through and found something truly amazing! It was a room full of jewells! 

He of course though was not one of those foolish types of men and he did not even dream about stealing any of those jewells.Infact the only thing he was thinking about was his dad and of course killing the dragon.Speaking about the dragon though Bernard soon realised that jewells means dragons and he also realised that his dad was hanging by a rope above a pool of sharks!

Bernard shot his bow at the rope and ran over to catch his dad.He only just caught him! Bernard gave his dad the sword and they faught the dragon together.In minutes they killed it and they took home the flesh to eat. “What a great hunt that was!” laughed dad “And this time you helped!”. THE END! 


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scunthorpe j and C

The dragon was big and strong. It breathed fire like a volcano.  We had no were to run   and the dragon was getting closer. But we couldn’t step down we were on a quest. We finally got past the dragon and we ran from it but it chased after us. The dragon looked scary and it was ugly and gigantic

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scunthorpe J & I

All he could see was a shadow, on the cold winter ground.  It was a…

DRAGON!      Bernard ran as fast as he could back to his secret hide out deep in the forest. As he was running back, he tripped and the dragon caught up with poor Bernard. His heart was pounding as the dragon swooped down back on snowy ground.

As he came to Bernard he went back to the secret hide out to destroy everything. When he arrived it was up in flames and he was so disappointed, and remembered what had happened to the rest of his family two years ago. What happened was, Tom, Mary and his wife were in the home village, while Bernard was hunting for a deer. Suddenly when their father came back, the whole place was in flames.

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Scunthorpe J & B

I don’t know if it was or not but it looked familiar and all the memories came flooding back…

I was six years old and my dad came dashing in the house, and he was terrified he told us all the devastating news. ‘Uncle Bill has died after that beast of a dragon came swooping down and gobbled him up’, we all rushed outside and saw the dragon flying away into the mist of the night sky.

We sat quiet for 5 or 10 minutes and then my dad piped up and said ‘This family needs to do something about this fierce dragon’. Then we had a plan we would sneak out at 7 dead, and go to the enchanted forest. So the next morning we set off me, my dad and my uncle Bobby. When we got there like two hours later it all sounded really quiet and just a wisp of wind. And there he was that scaly burgundy dragon. he and my uncle went up to the dragon and hung by its tail and shot the dragon right in the spine the dragon fell to the ground very slowly BOOOOOOOOM the forest vibrated like somebody                         calling you on a mobile.

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Our storySzymon&Caleb

He looked carefully and there it was the gigantic fire breathing beast.Bernard froze in horror when he saw the beast,that exactly one month ago grabbed his farther viciously,from that time Bernard wanted revenge on the dragon of a beast and also wanted to find his father.Charging out of the hut Bernard was going to have revenge on the beast but suddenly another dragon appeared and grabbed Bernard To his den…

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